Fido exclusively releases MOTOROKR U9 (finally)

This has been known for a long time now and finally Motorola and Fido have released the MOTOROKR U9 and is available for $75 with a 3-year Agreement. More info here at Fido.

This is a basic music flip phone that has a 2 megapixel camera (4x zoom camera). It’s compact at 90×48.6×16.4 mm and only weighs 87.5 grams, display is good enough size at 240×320 and has 30MB of on-board user memory and an optional micro SD memory card for an additional 4GB , USB, Downloadable wallpapers, screensavers, Calendar, Voice command, Voice memo, Video capture and playback, and push email.

The main feature of this is the music capabilities as it has “Touch sensitive, digital external music keys allow you to control the music player from the outside, appearing magically on the display along with the name of the song and artist.” We will have a video review soon.

Patrick Hadsipantelis, VP, Fido Marketing said “Fido is pleased to add the MOTOROKR U9 to our extensive lineup of music phones. Fido customers are young and urban and music is a big part of their lives. The MOTOROKR U9 is an ideal choice for our customers who are seeking a stylish music phone at an attractive price point.”

“MOTOROKR U9 allows Canadians to talk and rock in style with the next popular spin on Motorola’s oval clamshell design, delivering the most stylish and dynamic mobile music experience,” said Jim Madigan, director of GSM sales at Motorola Canada.