“Face Contacts” for Windows Mobile smartphones

CnetC Face Contact - MobileSyrup.com

File this under cool plug-ins for your Windows Mobile devices. The CnetX “Face Contacts” is a visual contact list, sort of like how the iPhone or iPod scrolls through the album covers.

  • sort contacts by different criteria
  • jump instantly to specific positions in the contact list based on the contact’s initial
  • keep full control of index/position in the list
  • initiate common contact-related tasks, such as starting a phone call, sending text messages and email, or browsing the personal web page of a contact
  • Choose among different “Photo Shapes” (square, rounded, circle, etc.)
  • Easy to add, edit or remove contacts.

Face Contact operates on Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 Classic and Professional Pocket PCs. It is available for a trial download or to buy this it will set you back only $14.95 (USD).

CnetC Face Contact - MobileSyrup.comCnetC Face Contact - MobileSyrup.com