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Koodo Mobile has 1 million subscribers

TELUS recently became Canada’s second largest wireless carrier and ended 2013 with 7,807,000 subscribers. This number represents both the TELUS Mobility brand and its sub-brand Koodo Mobile, with the newly acquired Public Mobile omitted from the results, but they have 222,000 subs. The breakdown of subscribers for each carrier is rarely given, but according to


iOS technician dishes the goods on saving your iPhone’s battery life

We don’t often post about mobile tips ands tricks, but sometimes the opportunity is too good to pass up. A former Apple Genius and iOS technician has compiled the results of years of research and anecdotal evidence after making it their “mission to discover the specific reasons for iOS battery drainage.” The article goes beyond


Koodo Mobile drops price of the Nexus 5 to $400

The most cost effective way to score a Nexus 5 is via Google Play. However, for those who want to purchase through the carriers you might want to consider heading over to Koodo Mobile. What was once a high $500 has been reduced by a $100 to $400 retail. Koodo currently stocks the 16GB version


Virgin Mobile’s ‘SmartKicks’ could be the next wave in wearables and fashion

Virgin Mobile is adding a couple new products to their lineup, both completely out of the ordinary. “SmartKicks” could be the newest trend in wearable technology and fashion. The “SMART-LETTO” and “SMARTSNEAK” are shoes that “offer a stylish way to keep connected on-the-go. With kinectic soles, on-board Bluetooth speakers and the ability to call home


‘Slide to unlock’ inventor recounts original iPhone development

Apple and Samsung are set to begin a new patent infringement case next Monday, only a few weeks after a US judge ordered Samsung to pay $929.8 million to Apple. The stakes for this patent case could be even higher, as it involves more recent devices sold at much higher volumes. The case involves five


Update: Apple releases the 8GB iPhone 5c across Europe

Update: Apple has started to sell an 8GB version of the iPhone 5c in Europe (UK carrier O2 and SFR in France have also listed the 8GB version on their sites). This is available in all colours — white, red, yellow, blue, green — and retails for £429 unlocked ($785 CDN). No indication yet on