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Moto G launching in Canada on November 22nd

Motorola’s discounted answer to the Moto X, the mid-range and incredibly affordable Moto G, was unveiled last week. Both TELUS and Koodo Mobile will be bringing this to their customers and promised we’d see it launch sometime “this month.” According to an internal doc we received, the official release date will Friday, November 22nd. As for



Motorola to upgrade Rogers and Fido RAZR HD LTE to KitKat

Motorola has already promised to update both the Moto X and the new Moto G to Android OS 4.4 KitKat “in the coming weeks.” We’ll most likely see these arrive in Canada sometime in January, but if you’re rocking an older device there is a solid amount of hope for you. According to Motorola’s device



Hands-on with the Moto G

Motorola debuted a $400 phone for $200 this week, shortly after Google debuted a $550 phone for $350. If you think this is coincidental, or is the last time you’ll see the companies undercut their competitors, you’ve got another thing coming.


Moto G specs leak online

Motorola is preparing to announce the entry-level Moto G tomorrow. The live stream will start at 9:00am, but it seems specs have leaked online from several outlets, namely a German retailer called ‘The Phone House.’ If true, the Moto G will sport the following: 4.5-inch 720p LCD display 1.2GHz quad-core processor 1GB of RAM 5MP



New Moto G promo sheet conveys its differences from the Moto X

Yesterday, the first specs were revealed for the entry-level version of the Moto G, which was briefly leaked on Motorola’s own website earlier in the week. The Moto G looks to share a visual design with the more expensive Moto X, but will use cheaper materials and internals compinents to lower the cost to around



Motorola releases standalone Moto X camera app on the Play Store

Motorola has, as it did with Touchless Control, released a standalone version of its camera app to Google Play. This separates the app from needing a firmware update to be improved, and provides Motorola a vehicle for more regularly updating the 10MP camera, which has been heavily criticized. The company released a photo-centric firmware update



Entry-level ‘Moto G’ leaks online

A few days ago Motorola quickly posted the “Moto G” on their website. It’s rumoured that this will be an entry-level Android that will follow the same design route as the flagship Moto X. Reputable device leaker evLeaks has come to solve the case once again and leaked a picture and specs of this upcoming