Google uses Google+ for Android to make it easy to add photos to Gmail on the web

Daniel Bader

April 15, 2014 10:01am

Sometimes, the minor tweaks are the most powerful. Such is true of the latest addition to Gmail on the web, rolling out today, that takes advantage of the millions of Android users automatically uploading their photos to Google+.

Google is adding an “Insert Photo” icon to Gmail’s Compose window, allowing users to add photos or entire albums from Google+ archives. Since I use both features, I can imagine this will be very useful.

The company is going one step further, too, by allowing users to resize photos within the Compose window. Very cool.

Check it out at Google’s Official Gmail Blog.

  • Yeria

    Wow, this is awesome.. It’s always been a nightmare for me to download those automatically uploaded 60+ photos I took at a party and attach them again in an email, which means I’m uploading the downloaded photos again.. this would save me so much time..and bandwidth

  • Mike Newman

    From the “why wasn’t this done years ago” dept.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Google+ has a lot of shortcomings, like not being able to edit a photo album once it has been posted.