Google pushing new Play Store build with better password protection, batch install, improved layout

Daniel Bader

March 14, 2014 10:20am

Google hasn’t updated its core Play Store app for over three months, but amidst a number of minor updates to its first-party apps, including Maps, YouTube, Translate and Search the company has seen fit to roll out a number of pretty substantial improvements.

Specifically, build 4.6.16 includes more granular password requirements for users who want to ensure young children cannot inadvertently spend hundreds of dollars on in-app purchased. Previously, the password prompt was waived for 30 minutes after a successful purchase, but the new version allows for the prompt after every purchase, as well as every 30 minutes, or never. While this feature was likely in the cards long before a mother filed a lawsuit against Google for the ease at which a child can repeatedly purchase in-app items, it’s convenient to know that the company has quickly taken steps to correct the issue.

The app’s layout has also been improved, removing the unnecessary overflow menu button in the top right corner as the Settings and Help tabs have been moved to the hamburger menu on the left side.

Getting into the nitty gritty, it’s now possible to mass install apps from the All tab in My Apps, which will more quickly allow users to re-install apps after a reset or buying a new phone. Finally, removing apps from the All tab no longer forces the user to the top of the list.

On a subjective note, I had a lot of issues with app installs hanging and not completing on the older version; 4.6.16 appears to have fixed the majority of these issues, thankfully.

The Play Store update is rolling out slowly over the next few days, but as always Android Police has the APK for sideloading.

  • goolger


  • Richie_Peterson

    I wonder if they added a “Clear Recently Updated” option to the build.

  • NLer in Ottawa

    Ooh, that batch re-install would have saved me several hours a couple of nights ago after flashing Cyanogenmod…
    (Yes, I have too many apps.)

    • NLer in Ottawa

      I need to have you speak to my wife!
      I even bought a 64 GB SD card, but find moving apps to it to be a hassle.

    • HiKsFiles

      Don’t you have/use Titanium Backup or Helium ?!

    • NLer in Ottawa

      Longtime user of TB, but did a factory reset (went from manually flashing to using the Cyanogenmod installer – which is awesome, btw) and it cleared everything.
      How is Helium? Good?

    • HiKsFiles

      Can’t tell, long time TiBU user here too. 😉 Maybe you should start considering to configure your automatic backups to export to the cloud (Box, Dropbox, GDrive) once in a while. Saved my butt a few times already.