Flud is a simple, fast and free torrent downloader for Android

Daniel Bader

December 23, 2013 10:20am

Sometimes, an Android phone is a great computer replacement. I found this out the hard way over the weekend when I needed to download the newest Ubuntu distribution with no computer around (don’t ask; too nerdy). Android has no shortage of great BitTorrent clients, from an official version to uTorrent to the incumbent third-party offering, aTorrent, which until now was my go-to choice.

But Flud, a new torrent client by Delphi Softwares, takes the prize for being free, ad-free and extremely easy to use. The app has a nice, clean interface that recognizes .torrent and even Magnet files from the browser, and sports an expandable notification for quick access to pausing and resuming without re-entering.


Like uTorrent, Flud supports NAT-PMP, DHT and UPnP, so minimal router port forwarding is required, and it’s possible to store larger files on SD cards when necessary. The interface provides most relevant information, such as tracker addresses, download speeds and Hash info to ensure the payload is unaltered, but it’s also possible to dig deeper for more advanced stats.

Flud doesn’t yet support RSS, but the developers say the feature is coming. What is present is a nice tablet interface and support for sequential downloads, which helps when using the client for multiple operations at once. Flud is based on libtorrent, an open-source Linux project, so it’s unlikely the devs will charge for it in the future.

  • sid32

    I love this one. Add free, ipfilters support, clean looking.

  • Eugene

    Any torrent for Apple ?????????

    • sid32

      ios? No. Mac = transmission.

  • Richie_Peterson

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isnt uTorrent also an official torrent client from Bittorrent?

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      Im pretty sure uTorrent is there own entity. Either way, I love using uTorrent. Never had an issue on any of my Android or Windows devices.

    • Captain Canada

      I love it too but the interface makes my eyes bleed, Flud has no ads, a holo interface and the same functionality of uTorrent. I switched as soon as I read this post.

    • Trevor Ray

      Richie is correct. µTorrent is the exact same codebase as the BitTorrent client. The only changes are string edits (renaming/rewording) and color changes.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    tTorrent is also very good. Much better than uTorrent imho

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Thanks for posting this app +1

  • Adam A. Galas

    This app has changed my life. Now I can watch any movie or tv show whether it’s on Netflix or not. Better yet, these are downloaded onto my phone so I can watch offline, which is great since I have a pathetic 1 GB of data per month. Finally, because its so easy to turn off seeding (just hit the pause button on the main page once downloaded) there isn’t any risk of my carrier getting mad over my phone using data to seed when I leave home (and wif-fi that I use to download the shows) and am on the network. I’m on T-Mobile and looking forward to eventually getting unlimited data and while T-MO doesn’t mind streaming Netflix at 4G speed 24/7, they’ll come down on torrenting like a ton of bricks. So if you use this app make sure its only on wi-fi and that you pause seeding before leaving home.