Microsoft offering 20GB free SkyDrive storage to Windows Phone users for a cloudier new year

Microsoft is reportedly offering Windows Phone users, across all devices and manufacturers, the opportunity to increase their SkyDrive storage allowance by 20GB for one year.

In emails sent to a number of readers, the company claims that the amount, once activated, will be added to a user’s account for one year, which comes in addition to everyone’s existing 7GB permanent storage.

SkyDrive continues to be a tool used by Microsoft to leverage cross-platform Windows usage: files, folders and media automatically sync between devices, and photos taken on phones automatically upload to the cloud for save keeping. The move is similar to the deal given to Surface 2 owners, though at one-tenth the amount and for half as long, and mimics what Samsung offers with its Dropbox deal on Android.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 9.45.14 AM

Like those other services, Microsoft hopes that once the space is filled and productivity peaked, users will continue to pay for the storage on an annual basis. Both Apple and Google offer comparable services, but SkyDrive is the only one with a presence on Windows Phone, Android and iOS.