Apple reportedly purchased Catch earlier this year


We were admittedly a bit flummoxed when Catch, the company behind multi-platform mobile productivity suite, Catch Notes, folded shop earlier this year, but the reason has finally been revealed.

Apple reportedly purchased the small firm, which for a time competed against Evernote and Springpad, earlier this year, along with a small mapping startup, BroadMap.

Catch’s VP of Business Development admitted on his LinkedIn profile that the company was acquired in July 2013, but the acquisition was never publicly acknowledged. Though Catch Notes is no longer available on the App Store, nor on Google Play, the app was used for a time in Apple’s marketing materials, and the cozy relationship between the two companies may have contributed to its acquisition a few months later.

Though Apple admitted to making 15 acquisitions in 2013, only 10 were ever publicly acknowledged. Apple also purchased transit and landmark service, HopStop, in July.

  • philnolan3d

    Funny that they think “and there’s everything else” makes them sound good. This headline startled me. At first I thought it was referring to 123D Catch.

  • BetelgeuseOrion

    you can do so many things but i cant even send my contact info over Bluetooth, Yet i could do this with Windows mobile 5/6 like 8 years ago, android can out of the box, even freaking windows phone 8 can.

    i cant use NFC to pair smartphone accessories like the Sony Qx10

  • RG

    Public companies can hide or not reveal acquisitions? I always thought by the end of each quarter shareholders get all info

  • Hungrier

    Apple really knows what people want, and what people want is apparently to no longer be able to use Catch Notes or AK Notepad, because reasons.

    • Columbo

      If you can’t out-innovate them, buy them out!

  • Unorthodox

    I’ve never used full features of their app, so I ditched it for Keep when it was out. It was a good app though.

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