Here’s the WOW! Mobile Boutique logo


WOW! Mobile Boutique is a “new wireless retail experience” that will imminently be opening its doors. This will show up in various malls around Canada and sell devices and plans under Rogers, TELUS, Fido, Koodo and Chatr brands.

Match Transact, the company who’ll be bringing this to life, stated in a press release that they “will offer Canadians a unique shopping experience at WOW! mobile boutique kiosks not available with other mall-based wireless retailers.” No direct indication of how this will happen, but note that they’ll provide “unbiased advice and assistance.”

WOW! will bring yet another place for Canadians to purchase a mobile device, but while we patiently wait for them to launch a hint of how the company will brand themselves recently arrived online. Above is apparently the WOW! logo — it’s pink and bubbly — and will appear on all the kiosks.

Based on this image, if this is their go-to-market branding, would you be buy?

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Perfume on a pig? Not even sweet smelling perfume at that.

    • Stephie

      And lipstick! In an awful pink shade…

  • Lolo

    If they want to give us a truly unbiased choice, how about a shop that sells something different than Wireless Wave and the Telephone Booth. So far the only difference, is that they also offer Koodo.

    • StevieY

      Wireless Wave doesn’t sell Telus either

    • MobileSerenityNow

      Yep, this is basically WW/T-Booth but Telus/Koodo instead of Bell/Virgin.

    • Michelle

      It’s crap like the rest except they have no brand to protect and can afford to treat customers like crap. Oh and they don’t honour their refund policy unless you contact the head office.

  • Jack Lee

    “This is an exciting evolution for wireless retailing in Canada” Todd says. No Todd, it isn’t.

    • Mosa Altalibi

      But Mr. White, let me help.

  • Andrew P.

    The logo isn’t really my thing, but if they can offer competitive pricing on hardware (similar to how BestBuy and FutureShop do) I’d give them a look. Plan pricing/contracts probably won’t change, but they’ll have to have something to entice customers to the kiosks rather then to carrier stores or big-box electronics stores

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      Plan and contracts never change no matter where you shop. But accessories and gift cards/incentives definitely get better at retailers or re sellers. I would expect Wow Mobile to offer better hardware discounts and higher gift cards.

  • James

    So ugly.

  • Abhinav

    not bad

  • thedosbox

    Wow! Yet another wireless store!

  • Lazardus

    If they sell unlocked phones at a reasonable price, I’m all for it! But we’re in Canada so nope!

  • hoo dat

    Heard the other day they’ll concentrate on the pre-paid market with plans similar to WIND’s in a lot of respects but with lower data caps. I have no idea how accurate this is but it comes from someone who should know.

  • D Kup

    The problem with all these guys is that they only have discount on contract pricing and nothing on the outright pricing.

    • MobileSerenityNow

      Why should a company offer you a discount with no agreement to guarantee you stick around? Derp.

    • D Kup

      These guys still make a profit when I buy the device outright. In terms of the commitment stuff, once the device is unlocked, the carrier needs to be very competitive to keep my business or there is always alternative. It’s not people won’t stick around. It is the fact the these carriers need to be very competitive not only on pricing but also services.

    • MobileSerenityNow

      Maybe they make a profit when you buy the device at full price, but that’s not what they’re in business for. There is always an alternative for you, but there will be five people to replace you when you leave. It’s the natural cycle of the industry.

    • D Kup

      Agreed with what you said. Since 2006, I always get my own phone and did not sign any contracts. I like to save on the monthly fees and not being locked into anything. Carriers love to lock me up but I like to freedom to change to any promotional plans at anytime. When Bell refused to match a plan from Telus before, I switch the next day. When Telus refused to match Rogers, I fired Telus again. When Telus refused to Fido’s holiday promotional plan, I move to Fido. And finally, I move to Wind.

  • The Guy

    If they only use the high priced providers and don’t include Wind, then it is a waste of my time.

    • Michelle

      You should try it. I hear the staff call customers names like slut when they think they are out of ear shot.

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    No, Bell and Virgin mobile are not part of this agreement. It is only between Rogers and Telus.

  • Sukdis Knaatz

    An “unbiased advice and assistance” means providing the information about any and all carriers and plans currently available in a given province, even re-sellers, such as Petro and PC, and finding a plan that fits the budget, features, needs, and the comfort level of a customer.

    Reselling purely Rogers and Telus products does not satisfy this definition at all. Firstly, only products from 2 brands will be offered. Secondly, the offer will benefit the Rogers-Telus venture, and not so much the customer, even with a “discount” carrot dangled in front of their face.

    My suggestion for Canadians is to do their own homework, and not to rely on (commission based?) sales representatives, who are working on behalf of Rogers and Telus.

    • Big Ang

      Agreed. Wow! only sells Rogers and Telus brands – having a sales rep make suggestions from 2 companies compared to 1 doesn’t mean it’s unbiased. I’d be surprised if any of their sales people give an unbiased suggestion to their clients to try out Bell or Wind.

    • ScooterinAB

      Pretty much. I had the misfortune of working for Match’s Mobile Shop, who carried pretty much every carrier’s products. That being said, we only sold Koodo due to a gross lack of carrier information and perceived lower costs. I left because of the disservice that was being done to customers in my store.

      If they’re taking the same approach, you will by no means get unbiased advice, nor will you get quality assistance. They are just there to get your money. When you buy direct from the carrier, they at least have to stand behind their products and resolve customer concerns stemming from bad sales advice elsewhere.

      While this could be a different and more honest attempt, I’m not holding my breath.

  • Big Ang

    Nice article. Basically a cut ‘n’ paste from their press release with the occasional poor sentence added in – “would you be buy?”

  • TopperCNC

    This is nothing more than yet another place to buy the same stuff. Didn’t need, still don’t.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Great options

  • Nathan

    I am doubtful that there will be any difference from the existing players in the marketplace such as Wireless Wave and TBooth. It just seems like a way for Telus and Rogers to take back some margin from the existing resellers and/or a way to compete with Bell that owns The Source.

  • jack

    WOW just store selling the same crap as others,

  • john

    Yay more wireless stores. Last time i was at the mall they had 2, and a third one being built, just for Rogers. Now 15% of the mall is just wireless stores. It’s pathetic how many stores there are for wireless providers but how uncompetitive they are.

  • Rawrrr

    Still bs if pricing and customer service doesn’t change.

  • Nik Iafrancesco

    And I’ll continue researching my own plans on the internet, then go to the appropriate brand’s store/kiosk at the mall. I’ve never felt the need to go to one of these stores that sells “all” the brands. That seems like something that hasn’t been necessary since the wireless companies started maintaining their own websites…

    • Michelle

      Yup, save yourself the hassle and rude sales staff.

  • Michelle

    I can’t wait for Verizon in Canada. Wow Boutique store might as well be Chatr but with a different logo and even worse customer service.

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