Waze for Android and iOS updated, brings in real time road closures

Ian Hardy

February 27, 2013 9:20am

Waze – the popular community-based navigation app – has announced they’ve surpassed 40 million users. The app is available on iOS and Android and was updated with a bunch of new features today. There’s no word on the breakdown for each platform, but Waze is probably one of the best map apps out there as it’s based on users providing real-time data. Waze for Android gets bumped to version and iOS also climbs to version 3.6. The most notable addition is the option to report road closure, which could save you a bunch of time. Here’s the full change-log:

– Report road closures in real time. Waze will close off the road and route others around it
– Report pins tilted on map to better indicated direction of event
– Reduced map clutter by showing only relevant road names
– New moods!
– New inbox with multiple message selection
– Update gas prices popup: When in gas station users prompted to update price (Europe only)
– Optimized performance and multiple bug fixes

Download Wave for Android here, and iOS here.

  • Kersat

    Does any one know if this works well in nova scotia?

  • xaveryptak

    It should work fine anywhere as a GPS. It reaches it’s full potential where there are more wazers (users) since you get all the warnings and road traffic info that the app gathers
    from them

  • Brazilian Guy

    It would be awesome to use it in Brazil, if any brazilian company had a decent 3G network. It is nearly impossible to log-in into Skype on 3G, therefore, it must be much harder to load maps and users… Sad, but true.

  • Nobel

    I think INRIX has more users than Waze. That’s why I always get almost accurate data in INRIX.

  • GTA guy

    any improvement on battery consumption?

    The old Waze would destroy my battery in under 45 mins.

  • coop3422

    Big fan of Waze, use it all the time when I’m out of town for work and I don’t know the city. I always bring a car charger with me though.