WIND BlackBerry Z10 now available


  • S2556

    I don’t get why wind didn’t release it on launch…

    • Blackberry Olde Numbers

      In order to launch in a few countries and with a few operators in each country, you need to get a decent production stock.

      When BB decided to launch so late into the season, all production lines were at 105% capacity and non would have space for making BBs. The BBs available at launch were produced in January 2013. Hence the lack of stock at certain stores/operators. UK for example. On top of EVERYTHING BB could be selling more Z10s if they had them. The launch- delay in the US is due to a lack of stock….the sad thing is that by the time they launch in US, everybody will be waiting for the HTC ONE the N4 will be in stock everywhere, and the S4 will be here.

      Wind’s order was one of the smallest in Canada and Priority 3, so they finally got to fulfill the order. If you want a Z10 in Canada, you can get one. That’s not the case in the UK now where apparently there is a blackmarket for the Z10. Hope it lasts more than 2 weeks.

    • hoo dat

      It might have something to do with WIND’s version looking like a bit of a hybrid. It looks like Bell/Rogers version but without the LTE. This is almost certainly going to be different from the T-Mobile version when that’s released. What ever the reason it was almost definitely WIND’s decision to delay the launch. The question you should be asking is where’s Mobilicity? Since they acknowledged they would be carrying it a couple of months ago there’s been no word, not even a holding page on their website.

    • hoo dat

      Once again BON you’re full of it. The delay in the US had nothing to do with the lack of stock, BlackBerry has increased production 4 fold just to keep up with current demand. The US carriers carry the blame for the delay. BB released evaluation units to the US carriers the same time as everyone else for lab testing except they chose to delay. The reasoning for that is unclear but it more than likely had something to do with them thinking they could get a better deal from BB. By the time they realised BB was not going to cave it was too late, the US production run had been allocated to other countries including Canada, UK, France, etc. BB has been diplomatic when explaining the delay, suggesting testing took longer in the US but dig below the surface and the real reason becomes apparent.

    • Blackberry Olde Numbers

      “..had something to do with them thinking they could get a better deal from BB. By the time they realised BB was not going to cave it was too late”

      -Sounds like it was the opposite: US Operators were not interested and BB couldn’t land a deal with any operator in the US. For Operators any phone with data is practically the same, Right now all operators are gearing up for the launch of the S4 and since shelf space/advertising budget is limited, I wouldnt be surprised if some operators in the US simply don’t launch the Z10 and focus resources on launches of phones that will sell.

      US operators are wating for FIRM AUDITED NUMBERS of Z10-sales to decide if they carry it or not.
      In classic BB-fashion (BB an operators that carry the Z10) have said that they are out of stock and that sales are out of this world, but none have released firm numbers. Knowing BB, we are to believe the opposite is true.

      BB has to sell, in a rush. and US Operators are just waiting for the numbers. The S4 and others are coming and the world is watching the US and will follow. Let’s see whathappens in two weeks when the S4 is announced.

    • Kevin

      Can you say… Rogers!!!

    • Sweet

      It looks to me like Wind offered the Z10 so late because insufficient supply and BB decided to fill the orders for carriers that had the largest subscriber base first. BB may have even made a deal with the Big 3 to give them exclusive supply for the first month. I say that because I see no reason how Wind could gain by offering the Z10 a month after the Big 3.

      Having said that, I would not be surprised if politics in the US was partly the cause of the delayed release there as hoo dat suggests.

      Another possible reason for the delayed release in the US may be that BB wanted to release in smaller markets to work out any kinks and tweak things a bit before their big release in the US. If that’s true, then I have to question the value of doing that since, in doing so, they’ve made their attempt to regain market share in the US so much more difficult.

  • screamer

    What nobody get is that they should release the q10 first. That is the one that everybody wants. We don’t need another blackberry storm.

  • gnote

    how about releasing some new area updates… 3 in January, 2 in Feburary… previous months average about 10-15 updates.
    I’m patiently waiting to give you my money Wind…

  • BS Detector

    Rimm is dead.

    • placator

      correct….but BLACKBERRY is alive and well!

    • BB Status

      Blackberry or BBRY came to existence with a brand new Phone: the Z10 at $13.74, after lukewarm reception, and lack of stock (for good or for worse) is now trading under $13. Not a great start.

      Wait for the first official sale numbers and watch the stock drop. Wait for the formal announcement of the S4 and watch the stock drop.Watch for the release of the HTC ONE and watch the stock drop. Wait to see if any/how many operators in the US launch the Z10 and watch the stock drop.

      UNLESS…. BB drops the “Everybody will pay a premium for a BB”- Complex and drop the price of the Z10 from $500 to $400 and SOON!!
      Otherwise: See Playbook 32GB at $98 and change at Staples

  • Frosty

    Anybody know if this is AWS or pentaband?

    • BBCuuuuuurveBitch

      This phone isn’t pentaband and that’s why I won’t buy one. $599 outright you can’t even buy it outright from WIND until April. TMobile version will support 4G/LTE so I would rather buy it in Buffalo for probably a better price.

  • Brian

    It’s absolutely amazing how many BBRY employees are still voting up the Z10 on carrier review sites and downvoting truthful comments and making fake testimonials on here.

    If you don’t believe me, look at the Telus site. Most ‘reviews’ say 5/5 for battery yet every professional review says the battery is less than par.

    • Brian

      I guess it’s after 9 AM in Waterloo, the RIM PR employees are quick to downvote my comments.

      Perhaps consider spending more money on R&D for a better than mediocre release and less on your PR team that is incapable of effective advertising but spends their salaries downvoting comments on MobileSyrup.

    • >…

      …^guess anti-BB PR is up 24/7 on your watch. Why do you waste you life on these useless comments Brian? Seriously. Get a job at the Apple store.

  • echoblaze

    get a real phone, get an iPhone

    • KC

      Sorry, we didn’t catch that echoblaze, you were all garbled and then call dropped. You must be using an iPhone or something.

  • Jerry

    I love how they forgot to include their own aws 1700 frequency in the specs.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    I have found the battery life on the Z10 to be decent(better than my HTC One X), once you get passed the first 3-4 days.

  • screamer

    The hardware is from last year. Same that my galaxy had for a year. However software I don’t know but they should not sell it for this price because the hardware getting cheaper with the time. No is see 100 people screaming but that’s why I am doing that.

  • adam man handler

    z10 lags and isnt even smooth once you start getting into the options/settings

    • Tom

      Have you ever held one in your hands? I have a Z10 in front of me right now. You are lying, Adam.


  • lengend

    I just got the Z10 from Wind and its different than the other carriers. This one is the RFK121W model.

    • hoo dat

      That means it’s 700Mhz LTE ready. Looks like they’ll compete in the auction after all.

  • screamer

    The problem is that nobody spend 600 $ for just to try a new Os. Same problem that windows has. But they have some low end phones out.

  • Mr Dobolina….Mr Bob Dobolina

    Outfitted our team with them actually. The Hub was the clincher for us but hey, to each their own.

  • Matt

    Got mine today from Wind. Switched from Android and wow I gotta say I love it way more than Android. By far the best mobile OS I’ve tried (for my needs).

    • Shan

      What model # is your phone?
      STL100-3 RFK121LW?
      STL100-3 RFF91LW?