Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 coming to Canada in Q2

Ian Hardy

February 23, 2013 9:51pm

Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 8.0. This newest tablet hopes to “re-ignite the mid-size tablet category” and sports an 8-inch display with a 1280×800 resolution (189ppi) and looks like a larger Galaxy Note II – plus even has phone capabilities… so officially now a ‘phablet.’

As the previous Note 10.1 tablet the 8.0 also comes with an enhanced S Pen and has 1.6 GHz Exynos quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, 5MP camera with a 1.3 MP front-facing camera, 4,600mAh, Wi-Fi and 3GG version. According to Samsung Canada we can expect a release of the Wi-Fi Note 8.0 in Q2 and it’ll be available at all the usual big box stores. No word yet on price points.

Full press release below.

SEOUL, Korea [February 24, 2011] – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced the launch of the 8 inch tablet, the GALAXY Note 8.0; a new era of intelligent Note technology set to re-ignite the mid-size tablet category that Samsung established in 2010. Providing unrivalled multimedia performance within a compact one-hand-grip screen, the GALAXY Note 8.0 has the power and advanced technology to evolve the tablet experience and ensure you achieve new levels of efficient multi-tasking while benefitting from superb voice call functionality*. Furthermore, the intelligent S Pen brings together the latest innovation and the ease of using a traditional pen and paper; creating a sophisticated mobile experience that will enhance life on the go.

“Back in 2010 the launch of the first Samsung GALAXY Tab with 7 inch screen opened a new chapter in the mobile industry. Now almost three years later, Samsung continues to evolve the sector that meets the demands of modern life.” said JK Shin, President of the IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.

“The GALAXY Note 8.0 breaths fresh life into the category as it delivers the perfect fusion of portability and everyday productivity – the result is a pioneering, pocket-sized solution that enhances and enriches our everyday lives, whether at work or play,” added Shin.

At the core of the GALAXY Note 8.0’s innovative solutions are beneficial functions, including multi-window options to split the portable 8inch screen and allow optimal access to a number of live applications; a new generation of Samsung’s intelligent S Pen with advanced usability; access to a suite of S Note templates and tools that allow you to create, edit, manage and share everyday documents; the Samsung “reading mode” technology to enjoy e books with optimized resolution, video and voice calls*. In addition, a suite of exciting new content and services are pre-loaded for users at no additional cost including, for the very first time on Samsung GALAXY tablet, the innovative Flipboard, and Awesome Note.

A smart diary for life on the go
Slim and compact enough to become the perfect on-the-go work and play companion, the GALAXY Note 8.0 brings powerful performance and functionality to support even the most demanding of lifestyles. Designed to store and manage your personal and professional data efficiently, the new era device gives users the perfect pocket-sized hands-on organizational tool. Practical S Note templates and S Planner feature help to manage everyday tasks, including meeting notes, to-do lists and even personal diary entries. All content can be entered and updated with the finest of detail thanks to the evolution of the intelligent Samsung S Pen. Enhanced precision is offered with Handwriting-to-Text conversion and advanced Productivity Tools that support formula and shape recognition are now available at the touch of your S Pen.

New content and services
GALAXY Note 8.0 is packed with pre-loaded content and apps specifically for the value maximizing, mass multimedia consumer. Upgraded Chat-On provides easy instant messaging and group chatting in multiple formats – images, video, voice, contacts – for simple, enjoyable communication. Awesome Note, an integrated application that is introduced in android tablet for the first time with NOTE 8.0, is capable of unlimited note-taking uses including Memo, Diary and Must-remember lists. With Flipboard, your news, social network and other feeds come together in one stylish, flippable format so you can enjoy all your news and life’s great moments in one place. Flipboard developed a customized version of its application exclusively for Samsung that allows users to take the S Pen’s hover feature and preview article headers beneath Flipboard’s main screen tiles. Finally, Smart Remote, gives you a universal remote control and electronic programming guide allowing you to manage TV and video watching seamlessly.

A new age of S Pen intelligence
Optimized to aid personalized creativity, the Samsung S Pen has evolved to increase everyday usability and enhance creation expression. Embedded within the tablet, the S Pen is an extension of the GALAXY Note 8.0. Removing the S Pen from the device will automatically launch innovative features such as Pen Detection that will suggest adapted menus that it thinks you’ll need and Page Buddy, a feature that will intuitively activate your most recently adapted S Note home screen.

S Pen technology is now so advanced that it doesn’t even have to touch the screen. With Air View, the S Pen needs only to hover over the screen to see previews of videos, emails, photos and appointments on SPlanner without opening the file or application in full. S Pen Gesture allows images and content to be easily edited and cropped, whilst Paper Artist and Photo Note allow photos to be artistically personalized.

In addition, for the very first time in GALAXY NOTE category, you can use S Pen to control the physical menu/back buttons on the device with WACOM technology.

Maximizing mass multimedia consumption
Creative multi-tasking with the GALAXY Note 8.0 is effortless due to innovative Dual View feature, two multi window options that seamlessly allow you to facilitate multi-screen usage. Dual View’s split screen accommodates optimal operation of different apps, such as launching the S Note on the web browser screen and allowing content to be resized, dragged and dropped as required.

Multi-tasking is extended to phone calls*. Pop Up Note allows you to access S Note at any time to keep track of key actions and Pop Up Video ensures you can keep surfing the web whilst chatting – content windows can be easily resized by pinching to enlarge or reduce.

Perfect info-tainment partner
Packed with features to engage, entertain and excite, the GALAXY Note 8.0 supports your practical everyday needs. Reading Mode transforms the GALAXY Note 8.0 into an e-Book reader, provides the optimal reading conditions to ensure you can curl up and enjoy a good book. You can even turn it into a universal remote control with Smart Remote, to seamlessly manage TVs, set-up boxes, DVD & Blu-ray players.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

  • Glen

    No word on pricing? D:

    • SAM

      OOHHHHHHHH THE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      OHHH SAMMIE MY SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      OHHHH GET THE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
      OHHHH MY SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JUNK

      garbage from samsung. flooding the market with pure garbage.

    • Mexico Ron

      I’ve been saying for years that what we need is a 10″ phone. This is a great step in the right direction.

  • lol

    I will laugh at you in public if I see anyone on the phone with this


      I laugh every day on you when i see i sheep watch a YouTube video in a 4″ iPhone and the worst on a 3.5″

    • Beyonce

      By the way, this is a hybrid. It’s not just a stereotypical phone, nor a stereotypical tablet. It can make calls, but it’s physically a lot like a tablet.

      It’s samsung creating new fields in the mobile market. I’d love to pick one of these devices! They’d go great with a good headset! Who even exerts energy holding a phone to their ears anymore when there are so many accessories they can use such as headphones, bluetooth headset, etc. It’s 2013 people!

  • jhxfklfj

    Inb4 cost is 500 million dollars.



      if apple release this ? yes you are right

  • fuquyo

    This is getting ridiculous now…

  • mischa price

    samsung should make pants that would let you use this as a phone

  • Donovan

    Me personally I wouldn’t use this as a phone. Just as a normal tablet. Surfing the net, watching videos on YouTube, using it as an E-Reader. I mean love Samsung’s products I got the Galaxy Note 2 and I’m loving it right now, I don’t know if anyone would buy this if you already have the GNote 2 or S3. Plus the S4 in coming in a month and GNote 3 in the 3rd quarter of this year.

  • screamer

    For me wish they make a 4 inch galaxy oh well the mini but with more power. Phones getting to big. Than I will buy a note and that’s it. Now I have a s3 and is okay. That’s why I don’t spend money on a note anymore. I have a asus tablet but I don’t use it anymore.


    As a tablet is good. but Phone capability…. come on its huge….
    any android SIM capable tablet flashed well can place calls. beside the ROM seems to be PhoneUI ROM not a tablet :S

  • andy c

    Get this and pair with a Bluetooth head set and a smart watch and you might just pull this off as a phone….. Looking less like a d-bag if you were to hold the note 8 to your head

  • danada

    Dat bezel.

  • Dave


    • DC

      The best comment today so far.

  • Silence.Alert

    Uhhh, what’s with the lousy screen resolution?

  • Pascal

    “Slim and compact enough to become the perfect on-the-go work and play companion”

    Their targeted consumer are professionals who want to have a phone and a tablet but does not want to carry both.

  • pcrane2

    This is ridiculous a 8″ phone, as a tablet only hopefully priced under the ipad mini I was looking forward to it so were my kids. but if it is a phone it will be over $500 and this is a waste of an articular no one will buy it.

  • SC

    Need 1080p screen

  • Looks Good

    I ll consider if it works with wind/mobilicity frequency otherwise I will stick with my Nexus 7 till google keep on updating it. My nexus 4G works with wind and I am loving My $25 10 GB plan.

  • screamer

    Nexus 4 is a good choice and 16 gig is a bit small but I have a s3 and use a usb stick and that’s fine however with the notes phones getting to big and why making a 10.1 than a 8 inch make a nine inch and keep coast low.

    I don’t use a tablet anymore!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe how misinformed most of you readers are. Did you ever stop to think that there is a niche market for a product like this? And why do you automatically assume someone will be holding this unit up to their head where there are wired and Bluetooth headsets to be used as well?

    You’re probably the same people who laughed at the Note 5.x” series and look how wildly successful it is…

  • Thrasher

    This better not be more than $199 because of the screen resolution. While I would hope the size of this thing would improve my Mobilicity signal, I will not use an 8″ tablet as my cell phone as it will not fit into my pocket!