Virgin Mobile Nexus 4 priced at $359 outright at The Source


  • Ck2013

    Very interesting.. So now we can start talking about competition.

  • tom

    At this price, the phone is gonna sell like hotcakes.

    Watch for Best buy/Future shop PM opportunities as well.

  • Guest

    Does the phone come with extra bloatware (especially non removable) when you buy from virgin vs google?

    • Mac

      Damn, that’s awesome.

    • Mac

      All nexus phones are bloatfree and unlocked

    • Nexzen

      At Wind Mobile the Nexus 4 is $429 outright?

    • migo


  • Sweet

    It would be even better if the non-carrier retailers would set the price independent of the carrier. That wouldn’t be possible in this case, since Bell owns The Source.

    • hoo dat

      The WIND N4 is $549 outright, a cool $190 more than Virgin. That’s INSANE!

  • Mister T

    @ Guest, although this may not directly answer your question, I was at a WIND kiosk tonight and they confirmed it was unlocked. Secondly, their version of the phone (retailing for $429 outright) was running stock Android 4.2.1.

    • Nexzen

      At Wind Mobile the Nexus 4 is $429 outright?


    This is even better than Google’s pricing since no shipping costs are required, that saves you about $20.

    I’m curious to see if Google will execute a similar pricing strategy to their Nexus 7, discontinue the 8GB, sell the 16GB for $300 and introduce a 32GB for $350.

    • Glen

      You mean to their nexus 4?

  • osman

    Cheaper than the play store, you dont have to pay shipping at the source!

  • Jim R

    Here’s hoping Koodo comes thru with similar pricing.

  • Redheadednomad

    Outright = taxes included? That’s a sweet deal if so – I paid $422 on Google Play including taxes and delivery

    • mynameissexy

      Nothing in Canada is ever tax included. Not even Pacific Mall…

    • EvanK

      No, no consumer electronics are tax free in Canada, it’s the standard 5% GST plus whatever your PST is (or HST, depending where you live).

      The advantage of buying at the Source is that you save $20 on shipping.

  • Matty

    Veeery happy to hear this. I need a new cell phone because mine stopped charging. Makes waiting excruciating. The moment may next pay cheque is in I’m heading to The Source. :3

  • Gi

    I wish it said WHT or white

  • MattyMattMatt

    Yeah, as if, this price will be changing, no doubt. On top of that, no way they will sell outright, it will have to be with at least a 30day.

  • screamer

    That is a good deal. But is it still so hard to getting one online? 16gig is a bit small but since I can plug my memory stick in well thinking about to getting one.

  • Eluder

    I’d be really surprised if this is the price they actually set it at, if it is, then wow, awesome deal for anyone interested in the phone.

  • Nexzen

    Am I the only one that took in Mister T saying wind mobile is selling the device at $429 when the site show $549. Is this an error?

  • djaj

    I just went by The Source in a mall nearby in Windsor, ON and unfortunately the Nexus 4 was listed there for $399.99 retail price plus taxes.
    It’s still not bad considering the Nexus 4 is $359.99 + $16.99 shipping from Google Play before taxes.

  • zayed

    At Wind Mobile the Nexus 4 is $549 outright not $429

  • Simble

    Maybe the 8GB model is $350?

    I wonder what Virgins service termination details are so I could take this over to wind

  • dayafter21

    Maybe they’ll start to make an otterbox for my lovely glass device.

  • guysmiley

    I have not found one store including virgin directly in the Niagara region that has them yet.

  • coop3422

    I ordered mine from the playstore and got it last week. Buying in person at $359 would have been nice though to save shipping costs, but oh well. I’m too impatient to wait anyways haha.

  • Blank Jones

    Just to clear this up I work at a Source store. We are not selling the phone outright. It must be put on either a supertab or 36 month agreeement. Sorry boys and girls…. I will vouch for this being a sick phone though!

  • Source Employee Guy

    Hey guys, bad news-
    The outright SKU listed here is currently coming up as $399 in the till. Still no final word from Bell about the pricing though.