PC Financial mobile banking app for Android coming “this Spring”

Ian Hardy

January 29, 2013 7:17am

PC Financial recently launched their mobile banking app for iPhone. This has all the basic features you need such as checking your account balance, paying your bills, transferring funds. It works well and it looks like they’ll be expanding to offer an app for Android users out there. On Twitter they noted that “We are already working on the Android platform, coming in spring 2013.”

So there you have it. No word yet on BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Source: Twitter
(Thanks Roman!)

  • iphoneee

    If it’s not a low-interest paying bank account, why would I save my money in it?

    • NeedAJob?

      Better late than never. Both Android guys that have jobs can use it when comes out. Although I suppose the others can use it to monitor when the monthly dole cheque comes in. Can you pay for subsidized housing with this app? Android users want to know.

  • Wilbour

    When they set it up, will we all get starting balances like the screen shot? Is it spring yet?

    • NeedAJob?

      As an Android user, I suppose the best you can hope for is a screen shot of money.

  • RoboCop80

    Here’s hoping they don’t waste my ‘no fees’ on a WP or BB 10 app.

  • Dan

    I use this app on ios it’s buggy as hell. It would take an amateur programmer the weekend to create this and and it’s taking PC years. What the hell?

  • Ken

    Yeah what’s up with an online bank that still doesn’t have decent mobile banking apps for the major platforms or even a mobile version of their website?

  • DoucheNoz

    Wow this Roman guy is loaded! He can afford to pay bank fees!

    • NeedAJob?

      $24k…how is that loaded?

  • Dizzle

    @Ken, totally agree. PC Financial dropped the ball a long time ago. Happy I made the switch to ING, with a fully functional Android app and FREE email transfers. I really did like PCF before…what a shame

  • Ali

    It is about time. It took them so long. What is wrong with them? I could build an App for them in a week at most! for free! I would only charge a tiny 1 cent for every $1000 transaction…Lol

  • Piff

    All i have to say is finally. This makes it a little bit harder to leave android.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Spring? Give me access and two days. Done.

  • hellomoto

    John Doe is ballin’!!!!