Sony Xperia ZL looks like it’s coming to Bell


  • bob

    Too bad it’s a crappier version of the Xperia Z.
    Could still be the first 1080p phone in Canada.

    • EvanK

      I tried out the Droid DNA while I was in the States, and honestly 1080p isn’t too much to get hyped about for general use. Where there is a major difference though is in reading text, I was blown away by how crisp everything was in the browser, I could read MobileSyrup with easy fully zoomed out on the desktop site using the DNA’s 5″ display.

    • omar

      well its not the 1080p of the phone that amazed me, the over all phone (z, not zl) was just so beautiful. wish it was aws capable.

    • some guy

      So by crappier you mean:
      Doesn’t have the dust and water resistance?

      Because for me, it having the same specs, same screen in a smaller package, dedicated camera button, being nicer to hold and no fugly fingerprints on the back because it’s textured… sounds pretty good to me.
      But silly me, it’s obviously crappier…

      You need to go back to school, your brain has atrophied.

    • Better than the Z

      It’s packing a 5″ screen as the Z but has a more compact design, has the same specs as the Z. And the backing is far from cheap looking OR feeling. The glass back is NOT shatter resistant, and the Z has annoying flap covers on ports. You suck at technology.

  • ruaman

    If it was Xperia Z I’d go for it. But it’s not…
    My next phone is going to be one of the Blackberry 10 devices.

  • Gman

    time to retire my S3, probably will pick it up unlock from sony store.

  • rockman

    I don’t see what the fuss is about, the ZL is basically the same thing.

    I even prefer the back, I don’t like glossy/glassy backs, they scratch too easy. This matte thing looks much nicer.

    And the hardware is nothing to scoff at, if I can pick it up at a good price I’ll take this phone for sure.

  • Miknitro

    Nice phone.

  • Kyouya

    Too bad it is not available for Telus…unless the Z is coming to Telus

  • John Marshall


  • Brandon Yang

    Does that say UMTS on BC4? Does that mean it will be compatible with Wind and Mobilicty?

    • Adam

      Yes, the C6506 is compatible with Wind and Mobilicity.

  • COBwiggy

    Honestly, I was stoked about this phone, but I am really psyched to see what RIM brings to the table on Wednesday. Yah we know a lot already, but i want to see it in full use.

  • RyanOver

    these «leaks» are from you guys… and I found it funny are you talking abut like it is from another source

  • Who’sThere?

    Sucks, was looking to purchase the Z. The glass just looks more elegant to me. Ah well, guess I’ll have to have it imported.

  • screamer

    Another phone nobody needs. Where is my buddy? Rip rim

  • 2pacj

    Boo!! Who cares about stupid android. I want BB 10. So exciting!

  • chris

    I actually prefer the ZL over the Z. Not a fan of glass backs and flaps over my ports, also I don’t like big phones so much. So this is great for me at least.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Hey, at least SelfServe is useful! But yeah, I wish they would let us remove stuff. Makes no sense to not do it. Only on Android 🙁

  • Sub-Joker

    The Xperia T is a phone that you can’t find any unlock codes for (just like the Xperia S before it).
    I wanted to try both, but I couldn’t due to having all of the websites that unlock phones to fail (including ebay). I really hope this isn’t the case with the ZL as it is one of the phones that I would love to try.


    Why did Sony state that both the Z & ZL were coming to Canada, then they said only the Z, & now it’s the ZL that’s coming? They can’t even get straight what’s going on with the company, Not a company I’d go with especially with the same old boxey design.

    • COBwiggy

      ONE time on Twitter they said they both were, but they immediately corrected that and said only the ZL is, other than that all along they have only ever said the ZL..

  • Alex Perrier

    Its just an Android.I wish it was WP8

  • Aidolon

    Really wish Sony would offer the Xperia Z in Canada.

    I understand some people like the ZL better, but not myself… And based on the comments, I’m not the only one that feels this way. Lost opportunity for Sony.

  • kneegrow


    looks pretty fugly up close

  • iCrap

    So that means Z will be coming for Rogers. ZL looks ugly with that cheap plastic and a stupid buttflap. A L-ight version so to speak.