PC Financial Mobile Banking app for iOS now available


  • christian

    aaaaaaannndroid 🙁

    • jimb

      where is the BB version?

  • Steve

    Hurry up and release the android version…

  • JA

    I’d like to be John Doe’s friend — he’s flush with cash!

    Here’s hoping for an Android app in the near future.

  • Dan


    But honestly…I want Android. Bring on the Android app!

  • Nina Martin


  • Andrew

    Nice that its finally out on iOS but come on not making for the iPad as well as the iPhone/touch. FAIL. Any developer should be making and iOS app to work on the 3 screen sizes. I would also like to see it on Android.

  • dan giroux

    I work with PC Financial and the release date for the android version has been pegged for Spring 2013. There has been no mention of a Windows or Blackberry version.

    • vn33

      At AOB or kiosk ?

    • Jason

      Tell your bosses that is unacceptable.

      Android is THE dominant mobile OS and should have at least been ready at the SAME TIME as for iOS!!!

  • shaker

    PCF fail. why didn’t you ask who uses your business before starting with iphones.

  • williag

    I wish my Savings Account resembled John Doe’s Savings Account. Those fictitious John Doe’s have life sooo easy…

  • Wilbour

    This is progress but in the meantime could they not have made a moble friendly site first? That would be cross platform. I did try to use my android on the website and after an hour of hitting the wrong link because the pages kept resizing I gave up.

  • Wilbour

    Tried to call John Doe and ask for a loan but all I get is “this number is not in service”

  • WP7Lova!

    Just going out on a limb here, but I wouldn’t want to be the person holding their breath for a BB app on this or many others anytime soon.

    Can’t wait for WP, here’s hoping. Good to see all the Android trolls are in full attendance 😉

  • tonyc

    Since CIBC has an android app already and designs/runs PC Financial’s website and lets their customers use their ABMs for free, how hard can it be for the programmers to port the CIBC app over for PC Financial use?

    • Darren

      Apparently so difficult it will take hours of gruelling coding and many lives lost until the spring thaw. Come on, what President would choose this? Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo?

    • WP7Lova!

      I’m sure if you sprinkle some fairy dust on it, it would be pretty simple too.

  • WP74Life

    Damn, this guy live in the future.

  • George K

    This is retarded. Can they at least create a mobile formatted site if they’re going to only support one OS.