CyanogenMOD 10.1 nightlies arrive for non-Nexus devices including Galaxy S III

Daniel Bader

December 18, 2012 12:40pm

It’s been a few weeks since Android 4.2.1 was pushed to AOSP, and developers are finally making some headway porting over the code to non-Nexus devices. Phones that were already running fairly stable versions of CM10 such as the Galaxy S III (LTE and AWS variants) have been one of the first recipients of this holiday bounty.

But it’s not just users of newer devices that are getting in on the Jelly Bean action: legacy smartphones such as the Galaxy S II i9100 (Bell’s GS2 variant) and the international OG Galaxy Note n7000 have been upgraded to Android 4.2.1 via CM10.1.

Along with the Nexus 10, another tablet getting its CM10.1 dues is the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity (tf700t), while the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 have also graduated to nightly status.

More devices are expected to graduate to these newer builds in the coming weeks; we hope to see the Nexus S included in that list eventually, too.

Source: CyanogenMOD
Via: Engadget

  • John


  • Quico

    Running it on my S3. Still a few wrinkles to iron out, but great to see the CM team release new builds with the latest and greatest Android. Take that Samsung!

  • shaq

    Anyone able to get their data to work? I’m on rogers. And my data won’t work.

    • rich

      Have you tried modifying your APNs.

    • S2556

      did you check your APN settings?

  • Nathaniel James

    Any stable and fully functional ones for the HTC One S?

  • HTCKing

    No stability, key features either not working or flaky = no dice, sorry guys try harder.

    • Um..

      This isn’t final version. They’ve only just started the development of 10.1

  • shaq

    No nvmd it works now. Just gotta give it the time. And remember to update your gapps to 4.2

  • Zeake

    Don’t know wth sammy dont just release ALL their devices stock droid. It’s so simple it boggles the fking mind…

    • Piff

      The simple answer is that Sammy and others want to distinguish their Droid from all the others. A custom skin and exclusive features do just that.