Nvidia’s Tegra 4 chipset specs leak, boasts 72-core graphics and no integrated LTE


  • Alpha

    So, what’s the “trend” in the naming? I’m not as in tuned as I used to be… Bruce “Wayne”, Gandalf the “Grey”? What’s next in the series?

  • mjolnir

    I dunno, I’m perfectly happy with DCHSPA+. Wayne is just gonna make my life a whole lot happier 😀

  • mjolnir

    @Alpha Jean Grey from Xmen.

    • mjolnir

      Tegra 3 = Kal El = Superman
      Tegra 4 = Wayne = Bruce Wayne
      Tegra 5 = Grey = Jean Grey
      Tegra 6 = Logan = Wolverine
      Tegra 7 = Stark = Iron Man


    tegra 4 is here

  • Nathaniel James

    Tegra 2 is even better that A6

    • Andrew

      Yet, iOS is still smoother and more efficient than Android devices that need powerful chips just to carry the weight and still not perform at the standard that iOS does.

    • WP74Life

      Lol @mjolnir.
      All of what you just said is mainly due to XDA which is not affiliated with Google. All of the features you said was created and maintained by XDA itself.
      No official Google documentation for the average user stuck on an old android version because he can’t flash a custom roms and he don’t know XDA exist.
      All these fancy things you said are stuff designed for the average geek bored of having only one call per day from his mom.
      It should work just right out of the box, which is definetly not the case with android in the long term as a device get DOA the day it is released.

    • Carlo

      @Andrew, have you even come within 100′ of an android device in the last few years? Or are you just parrotting what your owner Tim Cook is ordering you to say?

  • mjolnir

    @Andrew really people are comparing apples to oranges when comparing ios to android. The former is a light-weight os, streamlined, and cannot be any more simpler. Android is a very heavy os in comparison, with more technical features that the average joe might not be able to appreciate. If I were to list some: kernel features like zram, zcahce, true multitasking, underclock/overclock, undervolt/overvolt, plethoras of CPU governors, TONS of customizable ROMs, significantly better custom recoveries… on and on. So if you dont care much for the latter features, then perhaps android is not your cup of tea. As a power user, it certainly is mine.

    • tye

      Well said sir…… Well said.

  • tye

    Yikes!… All it needs now is “flux capacitor” and you good to go!

  • dukey

    No LTE means no North American carrier is going to carry this. Somebody in Product Management at nVidia needs to get fired.

    • andy c

      due to patents the best and/or only LTE chips are created by qualcomm.

      if qualcomm wants to charge an arm and a leg for the LTE chip licence they are free to.

    • S2556

      expect to see this in tablets rather than smartphones

    • Dukey

      LTE is a standard and whence Qualcomm would have to license under FRAND terms no?

  • Ziigmund


  • Slype

    With the horribly overpriced data plans that LTE providers have, I don’t think a lack of it is really any issue. I prefer a more powerful chip as opposed to a technology that is meant to line the pockets of the wireless carriers.

    Rip on me all you want but if people stop paying for the crap they shove into our mouths, the sooner they will adjust the prices to something a bit more reasonable.

  • Mike

    That’s kinda disappointing

  • Clint

    Soo…the graphics will suck AGAIN.
    Correct me if I`m wrong, but the new x6 over the T3 in GPU will result in a stalemate with the current Apple GPU (iphone5/ipad4).
    Also, I remember reading that the firm behind the tech used in the Apple GPU line was priming up for a x75 (sevent-five) times increase in graphics processing power for the 2013 generation.
    Again, could be total smoke, but considering how easily Apple crushes these other GPU’s (for various reasons), it is unlikely that the T4 will fare any better against the next gen GPU’s, much like the T3 fares now… ;(

    • phreezerburn

      Apple COULD be total smoke? Are you serious? Hows that Unobtainium 3D iPhone 5 treating you?

  • mjolnir

    @WP74 Firstly theres no need to rip on an entire group who is part of the XDA community. Secondly, whether it is officially affiliated with google or not has no bearing on the reality that android is an open source software in nature and it is perfectly normal for people to leverage it; unlike the model used by apple. Thirdly, yes GB was behind in terms of out-of-the-box performance, and only power users can take advantage of android. Then came ICS, where flagship models were as smooth as ios, but mid to lower end devices still suffered somewhat. Finally came JB, i’d argue that on any tiered device it is working great out of the box. Unfortunately the OEM’s are slow in pushing updates, which I admit is a weakness of android; adding to the fragmentation problem. Now with JB I have an advanced os with all the buttery (no pun intended) smoothness of ios.

    • Dalex

      Don’t waste your breath on Troll4life… Let him be his unique snowflake with his adorable joke of an OS.

    • WP74Life

      Clean response, well written.
      No more trolling for today.

    • phreezerburn

      Why use the term “fragmentation” when none of the corporate flavouring affects the OS itself or its interoperability with its available apps or its development tools? I work with PLCs where true fragmentation exists.