Jolla to show off MeeGo-based Sailfish OS in November, could be on the market by year’s end

Daniel Bader

October 5, 2012 10:50am

Finnish startup Jolla, the Nokia offshoot that made a deal with its former bosses to develop a MeeGo-based OS, is going to show off its wares on November 21st in Helsinki. The OS, titled Sailfish, will be based on the open-source MeeGo framework but will include Jolla’s proprietary UI design.

Earlier this week, Jolla initiated an alliance with a number of organizations to help build an ecosystem for the MeeGo offshoot, and has promised to share the underlying technology with other members of the group. This means that Sailfish could turn into a mini Android, whereby members are given access to the core framework and can add or remove features as they see fit. Jolla said, “Sailfish alliance software is the MeeGo based Jolla OS openly developed in the Mer project, plus Jolla’s own software and software created by the alliance members.”

While that all sounds confusing, the crux of the story here is that Jolla plans to release its first device by the end of the year, complete with Jolla OS and Sailfish, the UI component underlying it all. While it’s not yet known whether the device will be available here in North America — Nokia’s excellent N9 was, unfortunately, not sold by any of the carriers — having another player in the smartphone world is good news for consumers.

We’re excited to see what Jolla brings to the table. I was able to use the N9 for a brief period earlier this year and really liked its MeeGo software despite a lack of apps available for the platform. Hopefully Jolla, and its alliance members, can improve the state of the ecosystem and bring some needed competition to the market.

Source: Techcrunch

  • Tom

    All these great open-source mobile OS’s, and RIM decided they had to spend 2 years developing their own ):

    • johns

      actually RIM is the open source QNX operating system for their BB10 devices. QNX was already a great embedded OS, RIM is just tuning it for mobile use

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Why not just build upon meego? at least it has some current brand recognition unlike this sailfish nonsense.

  • Senseless

    It is build on Meego:
    “The OS, titled Sailfish, will be based on the open-source MeeGo framework but will include Jolla’s proprietary UI design”

  • Thilan

    I am looking forward to this, but unless there are swipe gestures like my N9, I think it will be a step back in usability.

  • craig


    • drone

      Why not?

      Competition is good brotha!

  • Keith

    iOS and Android are of course entrenched.

    WP looks like it is going to make it but that is not certain yet.

    BB10 is up against a wall and while I’m doubtful I do hope they can pull it off.

    Anything is like throwing a hail mary pass in total darkness.

  • stylinred

    the N9 isn’t Meego OS btw… its Nokias own Maemo OS version 6 codenamed Harmattan; the “meego” aspect of the Nokia N9 is that it supported Meego 1.2 APIs but the N9 in itself was Maemo and QT in all its glory