Snapseed for Android to launch soon?


  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I dont get it, is that picture supposed to look good? Or is it some type of artistic expression? It looks like straight a*s, outright terrible. Why people use these garbage filters is beyond me. Why not just upload the original picture to google+. I would guarantee it looks 10x better than this filtered crap.

    • Alpha

      I agree with you. It’s grainy, colours are banded and off-tone.

      I suppose the instagram-generation doesn’t want realistic, they want artsy. Insert HUGE eye roll here.

  • David

    That’s unless Mr. Gundotra uses an iPhone! lol

  • ActivesiN

    Duh if you don’t use filters how can people know you are expressing yourself….

  • Pat

    You can shoot pictures, and send them with WhatsApp, so what is new here?