Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices may be announced at Nokia World in early September

Daniel Bader

August 6, 2012 10:42am

In order to get the edge of Apple’s iPhone, Nokia may announce its first Windows Phone 8 device at Nokia World on September 5th and have it ready for the international market by the Christmas season. According to Bloomberg, Nokia has taken the modest success of its first Lumia line in stride and is readying its successors running Microsoft’s new WP8 OS.

The company, which sold 600,000 Lumia phones in North America last quarter, is attempting to make a comeback from its halcyon before the rise of iOS and Android. Though the company’s market share is down significantly, as is its share price, it has a stable and voluminous partner in Microsoft and based on what we’ve seen of Windows Phone 8, it will definitely improve the prospects for the downtrodden Finnish company.

Nokia World 2011 was the debut party for the company’s Lumia 800 and 710 devices; the 900 was announced at CES in January, and the 610 at Mobile World Congress in February. Though the turn-around may seem quite short, and existing Lumia owners may feel they’re getting the raw end of the deal, Nokia really has no choice but to put out a competitive product as soon as possible. It was announced that existing Windows Phone 7.5 devices, including the Lumia line, would not be updated to WP8 due to hardware limitations.

We look forward to seeing what Nokia has to offer — perhaps a Lumia 1000? — in early September. Are you excited for the first Windows Phone 8 devices?

Source: Bloomberg

  • Yukalis

    but what about rim?

    • sickpuppy

      RIM may announce BB10 in September ………….2013

  • Kent

    another troll

  • mrdeeds72

    This is great news. Yes, existing Lumia devices will not get an updgrade to WP 8, but WP 7.8 will have a lot of the features and similar apps.

    Can’t wait to see the new devices!

  • Caldera

    Shut up Yukalis.

    • Yukalis


  • RicksE


  • Dalex

    I just got myself a beautiful One X on Telus, and I gotta say polycarbonate unibody feels incredible in the hand and looks sublime. If Nokia keeps the same design and puts out a competitive WP8 product they could really turn their fortunes around.

  • freestaterocker

    If they really want an edge on apple they need to get to market sooner following Nokia World. I fear people may simply forget about the new line before it arrives. This is one thing Cupertino does right.

  • montrealer

    They’ll announce the phone on September 2012, but it’ll come out in summer 2054 in Canada.

  • Aaron

    Definitely cant wait for charcoal htc one x on telus. unfortunately have to wait until feb 2013 to get it. Dont want to pay a fee:(

  • Mikey

    Nokia should make sure that all their lumia build colours are available at launch.

  • Shey


    RIP! RIP!

  • ruddias

    I hope they keep the design and 4.3 inch screen, but make it 720p and add a dual core. Best Lumia ever.

  • Mike

    Windows phone 7 sucked so will windows phone 8. All the retail stores still have huge amount of inventory of Windows Phone 7 laying around collecting dust cause these products don’t sell. Everyone wants Android cause its the best Operating system. Go Samsung.

    • RayMon

      NONE of what you’ve said is true. I nominate your post for the Worst Fail of the Week Award.

      Seriously, you best be trolling…
      You can’t be THAT dumb!

    • BB_King

      Mike – Keep your mouth shut until you try a Windows Phone!

  • Dillion

    Happily I follow Mobile Syrup and other tech blogs so I knew what I was getting when I bought the 900. Regardless it is the best device I have owned, and this makes me exceptionally excited to see Windows Phone 8.

    Despite the unnecessary Windows knock above the point about surplus Windows 7 stock is valid, and hopefully there will be some great deals to clear the providers out. 7.8 will be a great OS to get people into the emerging third team in the mobile smartphone space.

  • Me

    Cant wait till I get my next Nokia Windows Phone with the PureView technology.

  • stylinred

    1) something you guys keep mis-reporting Nokia DIDNT sell 600,000 Lumia devices last quarter they sold 600,000 Devices including Symbian, S30, Lumia its right there in the Q2 report

    2) these are just old notions/rumors that keep getting regurgitated we all know Nokia World is in Sept. they’re going to have to announce something… no surprise

    • stylinred

      even bloomberg knows this so they simply stated “handsets” for NA

  • Jamema

    При мобайл ОС-та нокия водиха преди време, както и windows. Впоследствие излязоха iOS и Android. В момента най-популярни и най-добри са iOS и Android като за iOS има супер много приложения, но повечето се застъпват. Затова пък Android има много уникални приложения по обясними причини. Според мен Nokia с тяхното ОС (толкова умряло, че съм му забравил и името) и Microsoft няма как да натиснат толкова много за да изместят двата гиганта. И само едно ще ти кажа: само си мислиш, че в интернет всичко работи навсякъде То ако работеше навсякъде, нямаше да има хакове за всички различия под браузъри и т.н. Отделно, че нещо писано на php4 примерно може да не върви много добре на версия php5, докато нещо писано на c++ за Андроид системата, ще работи винаги, защото езикът е изчистен още преди много време и няма нужда от ъпдейти. Та това е моето мнение