TELUS launching the HTC One V on June 8th

Ian Hardy

June 6, 2012 2:44pm

Koodo Mobile and Bell have been selling the HTC One V for well over a week now, but TELUS has stalled for some reason and still shows it as “coming soon.” Well, if you’ve been waiting for this entry-level Android ICS device to launch then you should mark June 8th on your calendar. According to the internal doc we received it lists TELUS launching on this date, with the following prices:

No-term: $289.99
1-year contact: $229.99
2-year contract: $189.99
3-year contract: $29.99

Our review of the One V is here and a quick spec reminder has this running Android OS 4.0, Beats Audio, Sense 4.0, 3.7-inch display (480 x 800), 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 5MP camera that captures 720p HD videos and Wi-Fi.

  • namtab

    Now all we need is the One X 🙂

    • FrontalAttack

      Telus Does it again! (or tries)

      Virgin and Koodo have the HTC One V for $175 and Telus gives it a price of $290??

      Thankfully this is not an EXclusive, so you can buy it wherever is cheaper! Take that you Telus: Phone Hoarder!
      In the new 2012 when every operator gets the same phones, you better get competitive.

      P.S Why not pass all the sub $400 phones to Koodo and you keep the high end ones??

  • felix

    Decent price! I figure I’ll pick one up. I don’t wanna buy a high end phone just yet. Wanna see what bb10 is like before I buy an expensive phone

    • ToniCipriani

      $29.99 for a phone on a 3-year when Bell is charging $0 and it’s flanker brand is $175 is not a good price.

  • ToniCipriani

    Just friggin buy it now on Koodo and use it on Telus…

    • Nick

      well, is it unlocked from koodo? Or do i ahve to go through that whole ordeal


    $290!!!!! Isn’t is 225 on Koodo off sale? Seeing as there is no Koodo branding on the phone is it possible Telus SIMs would work w/o an unlock.

    • ToniCipriani

      It does…

  • Albert

    There’s no reason to buy it from Telus. Koodo has it for $175 until July 5th. Just pop your Telus SIM in.