TELUS now giving 2 months of Unlimited Data on the Tablet Flex Plan

Ian Hardy

March 18, 2012 10:03am

TELUS, along with Rogers and Bell, has decided to give those who sign up on the Tablet Flex Plan (specifically targeting those who have purchased the new iPad) two months of unlimited data for $5/month. The difference between TELUS and Bell is that TELUS’ offer expires April 30th, while Bell ends on March 31st.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • iTards

    everybody is giving 2 months free! wow! then u get used to the unlimited.. and you hit the big bill lol

    • GreatSavings

      Is it First two months free on a 3 yr contract??

  • lukeiphone

    good deal, no doubt.But we will still have ppl cry and complain about this as well.

  • Otter

    People like me!

    It gets people used to having unlimited internet, so the switch isnt such a shock when Mobilicity/wind start covering more area

    • Otter

      And to further this: Yes…. I’ll bet you they run the numbers, and find that by giving unlimited service for two months, they make up for it 100x in the overages on the third.

  • Peter

    If you’re stupid and don’t look ahead to what the charges will be in 2 months, that’s your own fault.

  • Dono

    Any idea if this works on LTE?

  • Cameron Rankin

    I’m all for it. For repeat users, it simply gives them two months to go nuts. For novices, it allows them a sixty day period to determine their usage which hopefully gives them a better degree of comfort and confidence when using their devices.

  • Kid.Canada

    Monkey see monkey do. Competition my a$$..

  • Manny

    I love copytition

  • cell phone gal

    Didn’t TELUS do this first on the 16th? That’s why the date on the document says March 16th.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    Why does this always feel like collusion to me vs a promotion. They all seem to do roughly the same things all the time…now I am no fool, I see what’s going on, but why are LCD industry players in trouble for price fixing when it clearly happens here too (bit dramatic, ya it is).

    So let’s just call a spade a spade, no one is competing with each other…

  • ThurnisHaley

    Yeah, Telus was the first to offer a deal on Tablet data, Rogers second and Bell was last.

  • Vito

    On the 15th Ian reported that until April 30 Telus was offering unlimited data for two months (before Rogers then Bell followed suit) – is this something different?