CNE app for iPhone and BlackBerry now available

Kate O'Brien

August 11, 2011 9:00am

The CNE, Canadian National Exhibition, is happening again this year. This is one of Canada’s greatest summer events and it starts August 19th until September 5th. They have expanded their tradition and made a mobile app available for iPhone and BlackBerry, Android is not supported. It’s a free download, missing from the app is an image gallery of all the carnies…  but does include a detailed map of all the attractions, concert listings, directions and the ability to share your experience through Twitter and Facebook.

Download the iPhone app here
Download the BlackBerry app here

  • user

    Blackberry is supported but not Android? This kind of sxxx only happens in Canada.

  • michael

    My lord. No android? Not even wp7 (and apparently its really easy to make wp7 apps). Bastardo!

  • Steelepunk

    Blackberry and no Android? Why not make a Symbian app while your at it.

  • ashbbey

    I’ll stick to a cne’s hardcopy map thank you very much.

  • picks

    I guess another year of using the hardcopy as i only run android

  • ChocolateSoul

    Thank you for paying BlackBerry some respect, CNE! My loyalty to you has just doubled!

  • RAGE

    Must add to the rage that they failed to write the app for the mobile OS (android) with the most people.

  • Me Ted

    Lol. No Android. The morons.

  • Celokuhle

    I just ttseed it on the simulator (have to type the /mu/ adress because it don’t show me the new interface automatically but it is awesome.I’ll love to have it on gmail desktop, what do you think of it ?