Rogers LG Optimus 3D starts to arrive in retail locations, launch imminent

The Rogers LG Optimus 3D is expected to be available sometime “this Summer”, we’re hearing it will land before August 15th. As for price points this glasses-free 3D touchscreen device will come in at $99.99 on a 3-year and a respectable $474.99 no-term. Good news for those interested in this Android as they have started to arrive at various retail locations across Canada… which means that the launch in near.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • Kemist

    Do i see the New Torch in the background

  • JayJay

    Give the people what they want, the HTC Evo 3D!!!!


    Where’s the evo???

  • Jean-Michel

    The 3D is impressive, I have tried it and it rocks!

    All content isin’t perfectly adapted however, 3d photos aren’t that nice.

  • James Lui

    3D? Seriously? Pass. No one likes 3D, its a gimmick, and a shoddy one at that, especially because these manufacturers and carriers are charging the absolute premium for two cameras and a software change to add very limited depth perception to your tiny 4-inch phone screen.

    Stop screwing around Rogers, give the people what they want, the best Android phone currently on the market, Samsung Galaxy S II.

    • Adam

      Charging a premium? It’s $99 on a 3-year. That’s cheaper than the Captivate when it came out.

    • Cjoco

      hi James Lui
      Regardless the 3D feature in this phone, this is a very decent phone, is one of the powerful device in Rogers line-up, personally I prefer the HtC Evo 3D, is better quality made, component and software and the price is ok: 99.00.00$149.00$ for the evo, do not forget this is a launch price wait 2-3 week and best buy will dropped by 30-50$ each
      The Evo 3D is a very good phone, it is even better than the bell htc sensation, otherwise the SG II is the best phone in the market I agree
      PS: sorry for my English

    • GLim

      Can’t believe people are still complaining about the 3D being a gimmick. Welcome to 2 months ago.

  • foxbox

    Can anyone in the know speculate as to whether this means the EVO3D is likely to launch before the 15th?

    Also, does this mean that, in theory, I could walk into a Rogers store today and walk out with an Optimus, or are these held until an “official” launch?

  • nml10

    I was shown one of these in stock at the Rogers store yesterday in Abbotsford. I told them to keep it and to let me know when the EVO is available :)

  • GMan

    Has anyone actually used one of these 3D phones? Is it even worth it?

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