Rogers to release the Samsung Galaxy Q

Ian Hardy

July 20, 2011 10:30am

Another Android device is heading to Rogers, the Samsung Galaxy Q. Let’s get this out of the way up front, this is not the mammoth 5.3-inch Android tablet/smartphone that looks to be a cross between the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This “Q” is an entry level QWERTY slider that’s most likely targeted to the back-to-school crowd. There’s limited spec info on this device as it’s apparently only coming to Canada, but we hear that it has a 3.2-inch display and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread (still unconfirmed). More evidence of this hitting Rogers showed up in their training guide for the upcoming “Smartphone Lite” category – the Q is the device peeping in the back and also in the text portion. We have no word on price points or an exact launch date, but Q3 time frame is confirmed. (One more pic below)

(Thanks tipster!)

  • Norm

    Hahaha, I was hoping that it would be the Galaxy S II

    • Kenypowa

      at least Rogers have HTC EVO 3D to fall back on. What does Telus have?

  • Cadet

    as SE getting the new mini out…
    rogers is NOW launching the mini pro…
    it was suppose to be launch months ago in their magazines….

  • Senk

    Why is the Xperia Mini Pro on that list? As far as I know it was announced by Rogers last year but never ended up getting released.

  • Carlos

    Come on telus, what’s going on?

  • Adam

    Meh, doesn’t affect me as I’ll never buy a “lite” device, but good for those who want the smartphone experience, but don’t want a $50+ plan. For the “lite” users.

    Not so sure about the Xperia mini pro though, that’s gotta be a tough phone to use.

  • Alex

    it’s the NEW mini pro with 2.3 and a snapdragon processor!

  • TD

    darn, I was hoping it was the new 5.3″ phone. I guess I’ll need to purchase off eBay and unlock when it becomes available.

  • Harris

    Another crappy release from Rogers… How do they still have zombie customers?

  • Eli

    Now, if it was a dual core Samsung QWERTY slider, like a Galaxy S2 with keyboard, I’d be all over it. Instead it’s some lame “entry level” kiddie phone. Guess we’ll have to wait till fall/winter for Rogers to get a phone on par with Bell’s offerings. Here’s hoping for a Tegra 2 phone.

    • hiewro \

      Like a dual core QWERTY better then the SGS2 would be in a “lite” category. If you need dual core obviously you would be using more then 100MB

  • MobileAlphaLeader

    $10 for 100MB, you my friends are living up to your name, Robbers!

  • Otto

    The Q is probably a slider version of the Phoenix. If you’re in the “OMG it HAS to have a dual-core or it’s a COMPLETE waste of time” fanboy… you’re on the wrong trolley. This is a phone for kids of parents who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a $99.99 phone and a $55 monthly plan. Not every phone needs to be filled with the latest hardware to be a legitimate option for lots of customers out there.

  • okm22

    the Galaxy Q is not going to be a slider, that photo you posted is photoshopped… your article is fake

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