Virgin Mobile LG Rumour Plus available today, $129.99 no-term

Ian Hardy

July 7, 2011 7:16am

The other day LG Rumour Plus stock started to arrive at Virgin Mobile locations. A decent QWERTY slider for those looking for a low cost texting device. We were informed that the price was $150 outright, but those Virgin Angels have come through once again and lowered the cost to $129.99 no-term. You could also score this on Prepaid for $99.99 or go the distance for $0.00 on the 3-year/SuperTab.

  • Alex Perrier

    *waits for LG Optimus Chat*

    • TheDeysion

      Dont make me laugh

    • Alex Perrier

      That was a reply to my comment!?

      Here are a few thoughts:
      * i got the Samsung Intensity refurbished for $20 and it is very good value for the money. However, i would pay no more than $50 for the phone. WIND sells a very similar model for $78, which is pretty steep imho. So 1¢ away from $100 for a flip feature phone!? At that price, WIND’s wannabe BlackBerry seems interesting, but…
      * i’ve also owned three Huawei products, the U7519 that i no longer own as well one Internet stick from TELUS and another from WIND. All these products had to be brought it for repair at least once, with the TELUS stick taking almost a month to be fixed. Finally…
      * Since this is an LG post, the Optimus Chat is just a better price and will be worth more in the long term. A device with Android is normally worth significantly more than a device with a generic operating system because of the Android Market and Wi-Fi.

      So for anyone tempted to buy the LG Rumour Plus, i would try it the Optimus Chat first. If you like it, wait for good promotions and the price will be lower than $200.