Anthony Booth is now the Mobilicity Chief Customer Officer

Ian Hardy

April 26, 2011 10:38am

Mobilicity announced an addition to their executive team this morning. Anthony Booth will join the new-entrant as Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Booth will oversee Mobilicity’s sales and marketing operations and have the responsibility of developing the brand along with expanding their distribution channel. Before joining Mobilicity Booth held various VP positions at Mars Canada and Procter & Gamble.

Booth is certainly excited about his new gig and stated that “The opportunity to join a trailblazing organization with as much potential as Mobilicity comes once in a lifetime. I’m thrilled to be part of the Mobilicity team and working in an industry with an incredible amount of excitement and growth ahead.”

Source: Mobilicity

  • Joe

    I didn’t know Danny Tanner from Full House worked for Mobilicity

  • Malingerer

    I was thinking “Charles in Charge..”

  • Gab

    Like a library officer being named Bookman.

    Maybe he should have worked for booth.

  • Dexter

    Whoa this dude was VP at Procter and Gamble – maker of things like NyQuil, Pringles, Vicks, Crest, Always, Tampax and more. He’s pretty much been inside every Canadian… Seems fitting he would take a job in the wireless industry.

  • ray

    My son works at procter and gamble its a secure job he wouldnt leave to work here who now how long they will last

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Uh oh! New guys! Mobilicity must be in trouble and will shut down soon..


    Sorry, couldn’t help it. That’s always the line when it happens at Wind.