Bell to release the HTC HD7 (Windows Phone 7)

Ian Hardy

January 12, 2011 1:58pm

Here’s some good news for today. Thanks to a number of our tipsters for letting us know that Bell will be releasing the Windows Phone 7 powered HTC HD 7 – the targeted release date is set for February 10th. Unfortunately we have not been given pricing yet but a high-end WP7 device is coming. This will be the second Windows Phone 7 device that Bell will launch, the first was the LG Optimus Quantum.

Some highlighted for specs of the HD7 are that it comes with a massive 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display (resolution of 480 x 800), 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 576MB of RAM, 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus camera, dual-LED flash and can record HD videos, Wi-Fi, 1230 mAh battery, 3.5 mm audio jack.

We’ll have more info soon!
(Thanks tipsters!)

  • Keith

    YES! I’m in as soon as they here. Bell just went from carrying one of the worst WP7 models to one of the best. T-Mobile, while not releasing any numbers yet, say this is one of their most popular smartphones on any platform right now.

  • Jeeverz

    Great phone except for 2 things.. Mediocre screen quality and abysmal battery life. And I was running only on EDGE

  • zorxd

    So it’s a Desire with a 4.3″ screen, a small battery and WP7. This may be one of the best WP7 device out there, but I am not impressed at all. If you look at the hardware, this is about 1 year late.

    • m1lk

      @ Zorxd: agreed I’m going to wait for the motorola atrix to be released by bell and put a launcher on it or root it later.

      i’m going to reserve my opinion on win7 until i see a second gen device. I want to see where they’re going with their platform. It’s not bad but they need to do something that’s so… revolutionary that it changes the game a little bit.

      right now it looks like another UI with a good GPU atm… I’m probably not doing it justice but you get the point.

    • zorxd

      You probably meant a bad GPU. The Adreno 200 was OK in 2010, but for 2011 is’t a bad GPU

  • Cody

    Another great phone on a bad carrier 🙁

  • Keith

    Actually it has a great screen–a bright 4.3” S-LCD and when size is factored in it has a better screen than the iPhone. There are a few Androids devices that have a better screen but very few. The user reviews on T-Mobile’s site have poor reviews for the HD2 but the HT7 gets great reviews and its defining feature is its awesome screen.

    Battery life would be an issue but thankfully Windows Phone 7 is beyond the dictates of Lord Jobs declaring thou shall not change the battery. Buy a dock with 2nd battery (optionally with a higher capacity) and suddenly its battery options are better than an iPhone.

    Though I am curious to see what is going to be announced at MWC.

  • JAWG

    I prefer Androids to BB’s by a long shot,however I can’t see why so many are against the W7 phones and this one seems great.50% of Android apps are crap anyways and regardless how many they have that doesn’t make the platform better.Overall I see a big future for W7 phones and maybe why Nokia decided to make them…the screen on the HTC is sweet where it will get better and I agree a lot nicer than the iPhone to many.And with the problems iPhones have had who cares if in a rare case you need an extra battery if the simplicity of use is there and so far even though they are behind these are not the old W phones that made users complain justifiably.

  • Canadude

    This is a nice addition. I would consider picking it up for sure. It’s one of the nicest W7 phones available.

  • kanatacrude

    Another me-too product from MS, makers of the blue-screen of death. After trying it for a while, it doesn’t seem to do anything more than the iphone and android were doing a year ago and it still lacks many basic features like cut and paste which -wait for it- are coming soon. Fail.

    • TheCyberKnight

      Fail? You’re very funny. In the me-too department, Android is probably the worst possible example. It simply brought nothing to the mobile OS scene except being open source.
      It is the closest thing to the old Windows Mobile OS with a glorified hardware base.

      WP7 brought a whole new visual language praised by many observers as being a real step forward in the UX world. As for the “missing features”, if the only thing you have to present is the copy/paste, then your wait is almost over (it will have been missing for less than 4 months).

      Now, is WP7 complete? No. It is still missing some key features. Are they vital? Most of them not and it is why they chose to release last October.

      Whether you like it or not, WP7 will become one of the largest phone platform. And if you don’t like it, good, we respect that and stay away from it. Meanwhile, you could stop vomit insipid “blue screen of death” style comments.

    • joe

      “Another me-too product from MS, makers of the blue-screen of death. After trying it for a while, it doesn’t seem to do anything more than the iphone and android were doing a year ago and it still lacks many basic features like cut and paste which -wait for it- are coming soon. Fail.”

      Oh aren’t you cute. It does many things better than iOS or Android. You’re just too damn stupid to figure out what they are. Then again you’ve probably never even see an WP7 device. So do us a favor and shut up.

      Keep being a worthless sycophant. If you need to know what “sycophant” is, try

    • zorxd


      WP7 is missing:
      -Wifi router mode
      -A real app collection. If you just browse and read e-mail you better call it a feature phone.
      -Free quality GPS navigation
      -Better hardware than the Nexus One released in Q1-2010
      -And yes, copy and paste

      “WP7 brought a whole new visual language praised by many observers as being a real step forward in the UX world”
      So much marketing bullshit to mean that you like the WP7 menu. But don’t forget it’s only a menu.

      “Whether you like it or not, WP7 will become one of the largest phone platform”

  • RobR

    I have an iPhone 3GS with Bell and have been testing a T-Mobile HD7 since the beginning of December. I find the usability and the GUI of WP7 to be better than that of iOS. Don’t knock WP7 unless you’ve tried it because you’ll be surprised at what a good job MS did for a 1.0 release. I can’t wait for June when I can actually upgrade my phone so that I can dump my iPhone for good and just use WP7. The HD7 over all is a pretty good phone but it has a weak wireless antannae. I work from my office on the second floor of my house and it can connect to the wireless network but won’t connect to anything unless I walk out to the hall. My PC and iPhone doesn’t have this issue. Also, on my phone the wireless hardly ever reconnects after the phone wakes up from sleep, I always have to do it manually. Probably just my phone because others I’ve talked to with an HD7 don’t have this issue.

    • TheCyberKnight

      We just received an HD7 for development purposes. Yes, the screen is big but it is an absolute “no match” compared to the Samsung Focus screen quality. There is noticeable LCD lag (fuzziness) around edges with animations. Strangely, the LG Optimus 7 which also has an LCD screen doesn’t display such fuzziness.

      I can’t comment on battery life yet but we should know pretty soon. Other than that, the phone shows excellent build quality.

  • Sub-Joker

    It’s too bad that bell (the worst provider in Canada) is getting the best phones out there.
    Unlock these phone please….

  • Dean

    Does anyone know if an unlocked T-Mobile HD7 can be used on the Bell network now? More specifically, as I am in Canada and Telus is the carries the HD7, can an unlocked Telus HD7 work on the Bell network?

    • Keith

      I don’t know if the T-Mobile version can be used but Telus does not carry the HD7, I believe you must be confusing it with the HTC 7 Surround which is not nearly as good a phone as the HD7.

    • Sub-Joker

      if you grab the T-Mobile HD7 it will NOT work on Telus and bell coz it doesn’t support the 850 and 1900 bands. BUT, when Bell releases this phone, it’ll work on Telus once you unlock it.

      I’ll bundle it to make it simple:
      – Telus/Rogers/Bell/Virgin Canada/Koodo/fido/AT&T –> all use the same 850/1900 3G frequencies. so if you have a phone from one of them, unlock it and you should be good to use on the other.

      – T-mobile/Wind/Mobilicity/Videotron –> all use the same AWS (or 1700) frequency. so if you have a phone from one of them, unlock it and you should be good to use it on the other.

  • Sean

    I wish Bell got the Samsung Focus! It sucks that only Rogers has it. It’s the best WP7 device.

  • Stephen

    I’ve had the T-Mobile HD7 since the US launch and I can tell you that it does work on Rogers and Fido. It is a quad band 2g device (850/900/1800/1900) and also does EDGE, in addition to its 1700 MHz HSPA antenna. I should know, as I used it on the Rogers network for a couple of weeks before making my planned move to WIND. This allows it to work on 2G in Europe as well. Sadly, no 2100 MHz UMTS for European 3G.

    You were completely correct however about the phone not being compatible with Bellus’ respective CDMA networks.

  • Lucas

    Come on… Practically the only WP7 that can work on Wind & Mobilicity get into the hands of BELL? COME ON!!!

    Let me guess, 3 year contract?!? I think I’m just going to buy it from where ever and unlock it since I do have unlimited.. EVERYTHING.

    • kbal

      Except you don’t get a far superior network and faster data speeds. Argue it all you want I have a mobilicity phone and I’m cancelling it once the 2 months are paid for are up. Yes you’re paying less but you get what you pay for.

  • Jesse

    So that means I can finally buy this and unlock it for use on Telus?

    • TheCyberKnight

      One thing I know is that you can buy an unlocked HD7 for (900/2100 3G) or (1700/2100 3G).
      Therefore, since the 900/2100 support all normal GSM frequencies, yes, it should work.
      The other one (1700/2100) would work on the Videotron network with its HSPA:AWS network.

  • Lucas

    @kbal I’m with Wind, mobilicity’s speed is roughly 2Mbpscompared to 7Mbps so I understand why you would have ‘slower’ speeds.

    It’s too bad, you’re exactly what is wrong with the wireless industry.

  • Arthur

    Awesome phone

    I’m using my Unlocked Bell HTC HD7 on Rogers

    I went to all the cellphone shops in Vancouver to get my new BELL HTC HD7 unlocked so I could use it with Rogers none of the shops could do it, but one employee suggested I try ordering a code from


    I tried them and they emailed me with the unlock code in 10 minutes

    I entered it in the phone following the instructions they gave me and it worked perfect

    My BELL HD7 is now unlocked and working with my AT&T sim!

    Just wanted to suggest the site to those of you who need to get the unlock code

    it was 24 bucks and well worth it



  • Dustin Neudorf

    I own an HD7 & I’m pretty happy with it. It’s my 1st smartphone so not much to compare it to… Battery life seems comparable to other devices. I like the screen, and I LOVE the streamlined design of the UI. I am eagerly anticipating the mango update. My only real gripe with the device is with the HTC Hub app; the live tile doesn’t consistently update.