Peak Design’s Pixel 8 and 8 Pro cases offer stunning new shades

The Everyday case remains one of my favourites

Last month, I wrote about some Pixel 8 and 8 Pro cases I tried out but noted one of the cases I was supposed to test hadn’t arrived. Well, Peak Design’s Everyday case for the Pixel 8 arrived and, just like with the Pixel 7a version I recently tested, it’s quickly become a favourite of mine.

Given I’m typically not a case person, it says a lot that I like Peak’s cases so much. Part of it, frankly, is the Pixel 8 — if it had a soft-touch back like the 8 Pro, I’d never put a case on it. But with such a slippery back, I need something to add a little extra grip, and Peak’s Everyday case works great for that.

Sage and Hazel make a great pair.

The case sports a grippy, polycarbonate body and a 100 percent recycled, weatherproof nylon canvas fabric shell. It looks and feels great, adding enough grip that the Pixel 8 now feels secure in my hand, but not so much grip that it sticks to my pocket and picks up lint (looking at you, Google Pixel 8 Case).

The big new thing this time around is colours. As in, quite a few excellent colour options. The 7a version of the case only came in fashionable but boring ‘Charcoal,’ whereas the 8 and 8 Pro Everyday cases are available in ‘Sage,’ ‘Midnight,’ ‘Sun’ and ‘Redwood.’ Through most of my testing, I stuck with the Sage option since it compliments the ‘Hazel’ Pixel 8  I have.

However, I also tried out Redwood and quite liked it, and Sun looks stunning for those who like a yellow option. While I unfortunately didn’t have any of the Everyday cases for the Pixel 8 Pro, the Midnight colour, I think, matches well with the 8 Pro’s ‘Bay’ shade.

Midnight could be the play with Bay.

Other benefits of the Peak Everday cases remain, such as the ‘SlimLink’ lock for compatibility with Peak’s extensive accessory system, as well as magnets for MagSafe compatibility. I don’t use MagSafe myself, mostly since I don’t own an iPhone with MagSafe, but the magnetic Everyday case comes in handy in other ways — the other night, I stuck my phone to part of my stove so I could quickly reference a recipe I was following.

Ultimately, the Peak Everyday case remains one of my favourite case options, with unique style and access to accessories without adding significant bulk to my phone. I especially love the expanded colour options and hope Peak continues to add fun new shades.

That said, the cases aren’t exactly cheap. At $70.05 CAD (before taxes and shipping), you’re definitely paying a premium for the Everyday case. You can check out the Pixel 8 cases here and Pixel 8 Pro cases here.