TD launches new accessibility tool to the public

The TD Accessibility Adapter lets users pick their online accessibility preferences for an improved experience

TD Bank Group has launched a new tool that lets users personalize their online experience through accessibility features.

The TD Accessibility Adapter is a browser plug-in that’s available for the public to use for free. Users can pick from several features, including reading guides, adjustable font size, dark mode, a dyslexia-friendly font and monochrome mode. The company has designed the widget to exist alongside other assistive technologies.

TD Lab, an innovation group within the banking company, developed the tool. The

The company introduced the project earlier this year but was piloting it internally. Testing initially consisted of 6,000 internal employees in the U.S. The company expanded testing to 95,000 other colleagues across the globe in June.

The tool is a plug-in and can be used through browser-based applications.

“Our goal with the Adapter was to be able to provide an accessible online experience designed with inclusion in mind,” Samantha Estoesta, a product manager who worked on the tool, said. “We’ve seen a resoundingly positive response from teams across the Bank — even from those without a diagnosed disability — and I’m thrilled that by opening access to the tool beyond TD, we can help to further drive inclusion.”

Canadians and Americans can download the widget through the Chrome Web Store.

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Source: TD