Latest PS5 beta adds Dolby Atmos, new accessibility features and more

The beta is rolling out now to invited users ahead of a planned global launch later this year

PlayStation has begun rolling out a new PS5 beta that brings the console’s 3D Audio to Dolby Atmos-supported devices, among other changes. The company says media apps like Netflix can also be updated to support Dolby Atmos.

While that’s the biggest change in the beta, another noteworthy addition is the ability for the PS5 to support an 8TB M.2 SSD, up from the previous 4TB limit.

UI improvements have also been made and you can now even turn off the beep sound that the PS5 makes when it’s turned off or goes into rest mode. Alternatively, you can simply adjust the volume of the beep.

Finally, there are several new accessibility features, including the option to connect two controllers to be used together as “one” gamepad and haptic feedback for when you’re navigating the dashboard.

A full breakdown of what’s in the beta can be found here.

For now, PlayStation says only invited participants will receive the beta, although it does plan for a global release “later this year.” You’ll want to check your email if you’re part of the PS5 beta program.