You could win a whopping $50 from KFC if you play as Colonel Sanders in Street Fighter 6

If you've ever wanted to perform a Hadoken as the fast food icon and get compensated for it, you're in luck

KFC SF6 Colonel Sanders

KFC has kicked off a rather strange Street Fighter 6 (SF6) contest in Canada for a chance to win a mind-blowing $50 KFC gift card.

For the unfamiliar, SF6 offers a create-a-character feature, and players can share ‘recipe codes’ to use each others’ fighters. Given that tangentially related name, KFC has whipped up its own recipe code, WWS6V5MQQ, for Canadians to fight as none other than Chef Colonel Sanders.

From there, you’ll have to record yourself performing an 11-hit combo with Sanders — a nod to KFC’s signature 11 herbs and spices — and upload the clip to Instagram, tagging KFC Canada in the process. Those who did all of this between July 5th and July 31st have the chance to win one of fifty $50 KFC gift cards.

Winners will be randomly selected on August 1st. The contest’s full terms and conditions can be found here.

Interestingly, it doesn’t appear that this contest is in any way affiliated with Capcom. Moreover, a $50 gift card for KFC isn’t exactly a big prize, especially when you’re effectively going through all this trouble to post clips that just promote KFC.

While this contest is pretty underwhelming, Street Fighter 6 itself is anything but. The latest entry in the iconic series has a 92 on Metacritic, with MobileSyrup contributor Andrew Mohan also calling it “one of the most memorable fighting games in a long time” in his review.

Update: 07/07/2023 at 3:08pm ET — KFC has created a new recipe code for the Colonel Sanders fighter, so we’ve updated this story and header image accordingly.