Pixel’s June Feature Drop reportedly causing battery drain, connectivity issues

Are you having issues with your Pixel after the June Feature Drop?

The Pixel 7, 7a and 6a lying on a table.

Google regularly pushes updates to its Pixel phones, such as the quarterly Pixel Feature Drops that deliver multiple new capabilities at once. However, sometimes Feature Drops bring bugs too, such as the recent June update’s reported battery drain and connectivity issues.

Several Pixel owners have taken to Reddit to detail excessive battery drain and mobile connectivity issues on their devices (via Android Police). The problems seem to have started after the June Feature Drop. Some users say the battery drain on their devices is so bad that they have to update their phones twice every day because of it. On the connectivity side, users report that Pixel phones are experiencing sudden and frequent signal drops, sometimes in places where the devices previously had signal.

Some have had success rebooting their phones to temporarily set things right. Others chimed in to say they weren’t having problems, suggesting the issue isn’t that widespread.

These issues are rather frustrating, and hopefully, Google can address them soon. What’s worse, however, is that the Tensor chips used in Google’s newest Pixel phones aren’t super power efficient and have a history of modem issues causing problems with users’ signal — updates that exacerbate these issues are even more frustrating.

Plus, Pixel phones recently had a bout of battery drain thanks to an errant Google app update. The search giant investigated and said it fixed that problem, however.

My Pixel 7a has had a variety of battery-related issues since launch, and so far, nothing has improved significantly (though these other battery drain issues certainly haven’t helped).

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police