Opensignal report says Telus, Bell offer best download speeds on 5G

Opensignal also said Telus has the most consistent 4G network experience in Canada

Opensignal has released its August 2022 Mobile Network Experience Report for Canada, offering an analysis of how the country’s carriers stack up to each other. The report includes data collected between April 1st and June 29th, 2022.

Key findings highlighted in the report include that Telus has the “most consistent” network in Canada. Opensignal says its measures of consistent quality quantify “how often users’ network experience was sufficient to support typical applications’ requirements.”

Telus also took home the awards for the best mobile network for gaming and for over-the-top (OTT) voice services — OTT voice typically refers to real-time communications that operate over the internet.

Telus and Bell also tied for the best 4G coverage experience with scores of 9.7/10 (Rogers trailed with a score of 8.8/10).

Speaking of Bell, it claimed top spot for download speed experience. Opensignal notes Telus previously dominated this category, but this time around, Bell saw the fastest overall download speed with an average of 69.5Mbps — about 2.4 percent faster than Telus.

Rogers nabbed the top spot for Upload speeds with an average 10.7Mbps, slightly ahead of Telus’ 10.3 and Bell’s 10.1Mbps.

Some of these metrics switch when looking at Opensignal’s 5G report. Bell and Telus still claim top download speeds on 5G, but Rogers offers better 5G reach and availability, according to Opensignal.

Availability measures the proportion of time that mobile customers spend with an active 5G connection — Rogers scored 13.3 percent compared to 11.9 for Bell and 11.4 for Telus. Reach measures how often users connected to 5G services in 100 locations they visited on average. Rogers scored 52/100, while Bell scored 49/100 and Telus 48/100.

Rogers, again, nabbed top spot for 5G upload speed.

You can view the full Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report here, or the 5G Experience Report here.

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