Bell Media launches news website to expand French-language service Noovo Info in Quebec

The platform will feature news from columnists and industry experts

Bell Media has launched a new platform featuring news articles, video reports, columns, and features called noovo.info.

Noovo Info is the company’s French-language division and covers happenings across Quebec through TV, radio and digital formats.

The company focuses on presenting news in different ways, including distributing information on social media through dedicated content on Instagram and TikTok to reach younger audiences.

Noovo Info launched a year ago, and the website is the final piece of the platform’s news division.

Some voices part of the digital editorial team are journalist Camille Lopez, columnist Léa Stréliski, and emergency physician Dr. Alain Vadeboncoeur. 

The platform also features exclusive content, such as recent reporting by Audrey-Ruel Manseau. Her report, Dans Les Limbes De La DPJ – Le Calvaire Des Parents Innocents, looks into good parents suspected of child abuse and the hurdles they go through to clear their name and reclaim their children.

“With the deployment of a new digital destination that increases the reach of Noovo Info, Bell Media continues to invest in Noovo and create a healthy competition within Quebec’s media landscape,” Karine Moses, Bell Media’s senior vice president of content development and news, said in a statement. “Bell Media maintains its commitment to build a modern, original and distinctive voice while reaching wider audiences on all platforms.”

Image credit: Bell Media 

Source: Bell Media