Sirius XM celebrates Black Friday with over a week of free music

"Woooo" shouts one lonely voice from the back of the club

Do you hate Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music? Well, if you do, this one is for you.

SiriusXM — yes, the satellite radio company — is offering up an outstanding 13 days of free music.

The only catch is, of course, that you need to use SiriusXM and once you sign up for this trial, you’ll likely get blasted with calls and emails asking you to sign up for the full service for at least the next six months, to six years.

Another fun bonus of Sirius radio is that you can use it in your car without your phone; a very futuristic feature, for sure. However, you’ll need to steam it through a phone or a laptop anywhere else. Some smart speakers can also tap into this legacy radio service.

If you want to check out the free stations you’ll get with this deal, you can do so here, but I will mention that ‘Diplo’s Revolution,’ ‘The Garth Channel,’ and ‘Dave Matthews Band Radio’ are all included.

All jokes aside, if you actually like Sirius Radio, please comment below and let me know why?

Source: SiriusXM Radio