Google extends Pixel 4 XL repair warranty in Canada by one year

The extended repair program only covers select issues related to power and charging

Google launched an extended repair program for the Pixel 4 XL in select regions, including Canada.

Those who own the bigger of the two 2019 Google flagship devices can take advantage of the one-year extended repair program for certain issues. For Canadians, that includes not being able to turn on the phone, charging issues (either wireless or with a wired adapter) and issues with the Pixel 4 XL battery draining “significantly faster” than before. Pixel 4 XL phones that randomly restart or shutdown without user input may also be covered.

According to a Google FAQ page, Canadians eligible for the program may be able to receive a free replacement or repair up to one year after their warranty expires.

Along with Canada, Pixel 4 XL owners in the U.S., Singapore, Japan and Taiwan are also eligible for the extended repair program. However, the program doesn’t cover devices purchases from Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain or the U.K.

It’s worth noting that Google no longer sells the Pixel 4 XL and its smaller sibling, the Pixel 4, on its website. However, the phones can still be found at some third-party retailers.

Those interested can learn more about the extended repair program on Google’s FAQ page here. Those looking to start a repair should check out Google’s warranty claim support page here.

Source: Google Via: Engadget