Public Mobile offering new $70/15GB plan starting today

Customers can get 500MB bonus data when they sign up for AutoPay

Telus’ flanker brand Public Mobile has introduced a new $70/15GB plan today.

The plan comes with 15GB data at 3G speed, unlimited Canada-wide talk and U.S. minutes along with unlimited international text. Customers can also get 500MB bonus data when they sign up for AutoPay.

It’s worth noting that Public Mobile says bonus data will expire if the account becomes inactive or if the rate plan is changed.

Further, previous promotions that have been applied to customers’ accounts that have been indicated as ‘non-stackable’ will be removed when customers switch to this plan.

Customers can see if a promotion they currently have applied to their account is non-stackable by checking the terms of that specific promotion.

Public Mobile notes that customers can get the new plan by logging into ‘Self Serve’ and navigating to ‘Plan and Add-ons.’ From there, you can select ‘Change Plan’ to see the new plan. Customers will have the option to change their plan immediately or upon the next renewal date.

You can learn more about Public Mobile’s newest plan here.