Opera’s ‘GX’ gaming browser is coming to iOS and Android

Opera’s ‘GX’ gaming browser is coming to iOS and Android. To start, it will be available in beta before launching to the public in the coming weeks.

Opera GX Mobile sets itself apart in a few ways, such as a unique navigation system, a gaming news section and more.

Starting with navigation, Opera GX Mobile uses what it calls the ‘Fast Action Button’ or FAB (not to be confused with the Android Floating Action Button, a component of Google’s Material Design). Opera GX’s FAB will let users quickly access features like search, open/close tabs and switch between open tabs.

While the FAB looks like a helpful, ergonomic way to browse the web on mobile, those who don’t prefer it can switch to ‘standard navigation’ on Opera GX Mobile.

The browser will also include ‘GX Corner,’ a news section where users can access curated and relevant daily news about upcoming games. There’s also a ‘deals’ section that will highlight when games go on sale.

Moreover, Opera GX Mobile sports themes — users will be able to pick from four options, ‘Classic,’ ‘Ultra Violet,’ ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘White Wolf.’

Finally, the browser borrows several other features from the regular Opera Mobile browser, including a built-in ad-blocker, sync and ‘Flow,’ an encrypted chat-like space for sharing tabs, links and images between Opera on your phone and Opera on desktop.

Opera says that its GX browser for Windows and Mac has proven popular, reporting over 9 million monthly active gamers and a large Discord server with over 285,000 members.

Those interested can learn more about Opera GX Mobile and access the betas on Opera’s website.