Sonos reportedly working on new portable speaker with rechargeable battery

A new FCC filing points towards the possibility of a mini Sonos Move coming in the future

A new FCC filing suggests that Sonos is getting ready to launch its second portable speaker with a rechargeable battery.

The device appears in diagrams and seems to have a wireless charging dock. The diagram also indicates that the device will offer both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 5 wireless technology.

The filing also notes that this new device will use less power than current Sonos speakers, mainly due to its small size. Since the label shown in the filing is circular, it’s likely that the device will feature a cylindrical design.

Although the current Sonos Move provides strong sound, it’s not a practical device that can easily be taken on the go. It seems that this new speaker could be just that.

It’s worth noting that this will be the first Sonos speaker to include Wi-Fi 5. The Verge notes that this could help sound performance when using the speaker as part of Sonos’ multi-room systems, whereas Bluetooth would be helpful when using the speaker outside.

All hints found in the filing point towards a small rechargeable speaker, which suggests the possibility of a mini Sonos Move coming in the future.

Source: The Verge