Google Assistant to show fitness and health data on smart displays soon

The Assistant will be able to to proactively display wellness information

Nest Hub

Google Assistant is getting ready to show fitness and health data through a new ‘Wellness’ section on smart displays.

9to5Googlereports that the small update prepares the ability for the Assistant to display this information. The Wellness section replaces the Sleep section as the two are now integrated.

Although Sleep is currently the only option available in the Wellness section, the new setting will be able to do a lot more in the future. The page notes that it will be able to manage data on sleep, experience and nutrition collected from fitness devices.

The page outlines that users will be able to “allow your Assistant to proactively show your information on your display devices from your connected health and fitness devices and services, like your exercise, nutrition, sleep, or wellness data.”

“If you turn this setting on, anyone with access to the device can also see and interact with this information. If a device isn’t listed, you first need to turn on proactive results for that device.”

The page notes that the data can currently be shown on Google Assistant smart displays such as the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and the Lenovo Smart Clock. However, 9to5Google reports that the results don’t seem to appear on the screen yet.

Source: 9to5Google