Vidéotron offering $50/8GB promo plan with one month free for BYOP customers

Along with extra data, Videotron is giving BYOP customers one month free and the plan comes with 10GB of annual data

Vidéotron is offering a $50/8GB promotional plan in place of its usual $50/4GB plan. Plus, users can get one month free when they bring their own device.

According to the Vidéotron website, the carrier’s current $50/4GB ‘Basic Plan’ is available with a bonus 4GB of data for a limited time. That ups the data cap to 8GB per month, which isn’t bad. To compare, Koodo and Fido offer $60/8GB plans, while Virgin Mobile has a $55/8GB promo plan that usually only offers 6GB.

Along with the bonus data, Vidéotron’s plan includes 10GB of annual data, which serves as a buffer if users go over their 8GB allotment. If you divide that up equally over 12 months, this plan gives you roughly 8.83GB of data each month.

The $50/8GB plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, call waiting, conference calling, call display, voicemail and more.

Finally, Vidéotron offers another promotion that gives bring your own phone (BYOP) customers one month of free service when they choose a plan with at least 2GB of data. The $50/8GB promo applies, which makes the deal even sweeter.

You can learn more about Vidéotron’s $50/8GB plan here.