Microsoft reveals Halo Infinite campaign gameplay during ‘Game Showcase’ stream

The Master Chief is back to finish the fight

During Microsoft’s Xbox Series X ‘Game Showcase,’ the video game giant showed off gameplay footage of Halo Infinite‘s campaign for the first time.

Series developer 343 Industries, says Halo Infinite is “several times larger than the last two Halo games combined” and that the game features “new gameplay mechanics, bigger battles, epic vistas and more complex visual effects than ever before, utilizing the full power of Xbox Series X.”

During a surprising lengthy slice of gameplay, we saw the Master Chief crash landing on a planet that looks very similar to a ring world pulled from 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved. The player encounters familiar enemies, including Grunts, Elites, Brutes and Jackals. The chief also drives a Warthog, one of the series’ most iconic vehicles.

It’s also worth noting that the game looked great and ran at a smooth 60 frames per second.

While the gameplay seems to be a throwback to classic Halo action, we also caught a glimpse of the rumoured grappling hook, with the Chief flying up the edge of a cliff.

Unfortunately for fans of Halo multiplayer, Microsoft didn’t show off Halo Infinite‘s arena combat during its Series X Game Showcase. While the campaign has always been important to the Halo series, it’s really the series’ multiplayer that is its most significant draw.

During the stream, 343 Industries confirmed that Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer will be shown off at a later date.

Halo Infinite is set to be released this holiday for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. The game will be available at no additional cost to Xbox Game Pass subscribers as well.