Bird Scooters get new ‘Quick Start’ feature, riders taking longer trips

This should allow people to start riding twice as fast as before

A new app update allows users to remotely start Bird scooters as they walk up to them.

The feature called ‘Quick Start’ makes the unlocking process up to two times faster than the previous QR code scanning method, according to Bird.

Quick Start can automatically detect when a scooter is in range and then offer the users a convenient button to unlock it. It uses Bluetooth to accomplish this, so if you want to use the feature when it rolls out to you, you’ll need to keep the wireless protocol enabled.

If you’re not in range of any e-scooters, you’ll see a reserve button instead of a start button.

This update comes after Bird launched ‘Warm Up mode,’ which uses more gentle acceleration to help people feel more confident on the company’s scooters.

Bird also recently published a blog post detailing how recently many riders are using scooters for 50 percent longer than they were before the pandemic. Bird isn’t sure if this is a long-term trend as people turn to scooters to replace public transit, or if people are just enjoying the nice weather. Either way, it’s interesting to see people using micro-mobility solutions again.

Source: Bird