Quebec now supports digital ID app to store driver’s licenses

Ontario was the first to get support for this feature last month

An image of the Quebec and Canada flags

Last month, Bluink launched its eID-Me app in Ontario, allowing those in the province to carry around a digital version of their driver’s licenses on their phones.

Now, Bluink has expanded this functionality to Quebec through an update to the app. According to iPhone in Canada, the update is currently only available on Android, although it’s coming shortly to iOS.

The information that’s stored is encrypted and tied to biometric authentication methods like Face ID. Right now the app is just a secure way to store your private passport and license data, but in the future, the goal is for eID-Me to replace the need to carry a Passport or driver’s licence.

In addition to driver’s licenses, the eID-Me app also supports Canadian passports, Ontario Photo Cards, Ontario Health Card and Ontario Enhanced Driver’s License. The latter support is new, having been added as part of the most recent update. You can also add other things like contacts and more to keep other important information safe.

Via: iPhone in Canada