Twitter not calling its users ‘users’ anymore because it’s empathetic

Ok Big Tweeter

Twitter’s recent earnings report feature a few surprises.

First up the company made a net income of $119 million USD (about $264 million CAD) in Q4. While this is a strong showing for the company, it’s still less than the $255 million USD (roughly $338 million CAD) it made last year.

The second change is that it’s now calling the ‘Monetizable Daily Active Users’ section of its reports, ‘Monetizable Daily Active Usage.’ It says that this change is “an effort to demonstrate more empathy for the people who use Twitter.”

Honestly, I think it’s hilarious that Twitter thinks changing the name of how it labels the people that use its platform in its earnings report will result in a better discourse, but what do I know?

It’s also a bit odd that the company thinks calling people who use its platform “Monetizable Daily Active Usage” is better. At least users meant people were on the platform. This new version makes me feel like a dollar sign and unappreciated more than being called a user.

Source: Twitter Via: Engadget