Apple patent suggests it’s developing a Mac with a curved glass display

It's unlikely that a curved-glass Mac will arrive anytime soon due to technological barriers

Apple has applied for a patent that suggests it’s looking to develop a desktop Mac that features a curved sheet of glass.

A wedge at the back of the desktop would include the processing components, and also prop up the glass. The patent shows a slot at the bottom centre of the device, which would presumably allow you to slide in a keyboard. The slot also suggests that the design could potentially be used for a laptop dock, as opposed to a full-on computer.

It also seems like Apple may consider altering the curved glass to adjust the angle or maybe even fold the device shut.

To be clear, this patent isn’t a product roadmap for the tech giant, and that we may not even see a curved-glass Mac arriving anytime soon, or ever. There are clearly several technical limitations that would prevent this kind of design from being manufactured anytime soon, since proper folding phones are barely even a reality yet.

However, the patent does suggest that Apple is open to experimenting and would be interested in completely redesigning desktop Macs if it’s technically possible and if it makes sense to do so.

Image credit: USPTO

Source: USPTO, Engadget