Older Sonos devices to stop receiving updates in May

Sonos says this is because of limitations related to aging hardware

Sonos has announced that it’s going to stop rolling out new updates to a handful of its older products in May of 2020 due to hardware limitations.

The products included in this cut are as follows:

  • Zone Players
  • Connect
  • Connect: Amp
  • First-generation Play:5
  • CR200
  • Bridge

Sonos says that users have a few options once the updates stop. The company also notes that the speakers on this list shouldn’t immediately stop working. However, over time as the companies that Sonos works with roll out updates, it may cause issues with the older speakers. For example, a Spotify update could potentially result in the music streaming service no longer working with older devices.

Sonos has a few options when it comes to solving this problem and appeasing customers.

The first option is to continue to use the devices as is and hope that future updates don’t mess them up.

Option two is to use the audio company’s Trade-up program. This means you sentence your speaker to death, and Sonos will give you 30 percent off of a new device. The good part about this is that if you decide to go with option one, then you can wait until your speaker stops working and then take advantage of the Trade-up.

During a phone call, Sonos also mentioned that it’s working on a way to create two home audio groups so that people with these older devices can have a group of speakers for their old devices and another modern one.

Overall, this isn’t the best news to get about a product, but it’s sadly the world we live in. Processors and smart hardware simply can’t last as long as passive speakers. Maybe something like this will help convince Sonos to add audio in ports to its speakers so that users can continue to use them even after their smart functionality is disabled.